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My experience with 'Available Now'


Hello guys :slight_smile:
Recently I’ve been using the ‘Available Now’ option and I think it’s a really great idea that needs a couple tweaks.

The first time I turned it on it took me 6mins to reply to the client (the required reply was a little bit long) and i learned that I need to send a generic reply as quickly as possible and then continue the conversation once I’m in the ‘safe zone’. Although I like to avoid spamming the client with multiple messages and pack my reply into one message, this isn’t an option. Lesson learned :slight_smile:

The second time I used it everything went fine, got a couple messages and replied within the 5 minute window.

I continued using it for 2 or three more times after that.

Now today, I turned it on and a previous ongoing conversation I had with a client made me lose the 5 minute window and got my second strike. To be fair, I was looking for the file she was requesting and had to make sure it was ready. I did not think this required a quick-spam-generic reply :frowning:
Since the conversation started last week and I’ve been communicating back and forth with this person, I didn’t think this will count as a missed 5minute window .

Probably my last time using this feature because it stresses me more than it helps and I don’t even want to know what kind of silly thing I need to do to get my third strike :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my 2cents.