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My experience with being enslaved

I’m being enslaved.
I don’t have the option to reject or accept.
I’m being used.
I must give the world for 4 dollars because I can’t say I can’t.
I’m blind but they’re not.
I can’t know their reputation, I can’t know whom I am dealing with.
I am a slave and my master won’t ever give a damn about me.

Fiverr had and still helping me in my life. I love working here and earning a lot of money but sometimes it’s just too much for human being to handle and most of you sellers know what I am talking about.
I can tell so many other things about my experience with Fiverr but everything that I’ll be saying was already said by other sellers through the years.

Anyway, I said it all at the beginning of this short ‘‘rant’’ and I hope at least one understands what I meant by those few lines…

I’m disappointed but in the end, it doesn’t matter.


:sunglasses::money_mouth_face::tired_face: “I hate myself for loving you!” lol

Oh, good Lord. You are not being enslaved in any way. If you don’t like the terms of Fiverr’s own website, you have every ability to leave, and find better freelance hosting services elsewhere.

And, for the record, this “rant” was posted in the wrong forum. I have moved if from the ill-placed “Your Fiverr Experience”, to the appropriate, “The Ranting Pot”.


You clearly didn’t understand what I meant.
And I love money so yeah!
Thank you for moving it to the right forum. I appreciate it.

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My body telling me noooooooooooooooooo but my heart telling me yeeeeeeeees
okay, whatever. lel.

As someone who willingly works on a freelancing platform, I don’t know if you can compare yourself to literal slaves without raising some eyebrows. Even if Fiverr doesn’t care about sellers, it’s not quite the same flavor as being treated like cattle and worked to death.

Unless, of course, Fiverr literally has you chained to a bedpost in the basement and is forcing you to work without compensation or basic human rights. If so…call 911? :confused:


I clearly understood you just fine.

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As a buyer and seller on the forum (not even counting being a volunteer) I just don’t see why you would try to make these claims.


  1. a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. You aren’t Fiverr property and aren’t forced to do anything here at all. You have the option to reject orders by canceling them and while there are consequences, it is still a clear choice.

You set your own prices and you decide what you will do for a price. This site would have failed years ago if that wasn’t true. Successful sellers who have been here for years rarely spend more than a few minutes for a $4 payment if they offer anything at that price.

You can do some basic research on buyer usernames, but overall it is true that you don’t know a lot about a buyer when you first encounter them. Your new buyers are nearly as “blind” as you are, thoug. There are sellers who have lowered quality since they got their positive reviews, there are a few who have manipulated the system and some promise things that they can’t really deliver but have evaded Fiverr’s Trust and Safety department.

I guess this depends on who you are calling “master” although it’s arguable either way. As a seller, I don’t call Fiverr or my buyers my master.

I absolutely understand becoming overwhelmed by Fiverr whether it is due to being overworked and tired or being in a dry spell and having no funds. This part of your rant makes the most sense to me. The thing is, this is true for all self-employed people and you always have options. So, in this I sympathize for sure, I’ve been on both ends of this rope myself. Your post just came off as really dramatic, though, so I decided to offer my opinion.


She is offering unlimited revisions and then crying about it…


Hang on, this is all wrong. You are the only one controlling who you work for or what you do. No one controls you but you.

I say no all the time to people. In the last hour I said no I won’t accept an order from two different people. If you think you have no control you are totally wrong.
Never do anything you don’t want to or work for anyone who makes you uncomfortable and if you offer unlimited revisions stop doing that.

It’s all up to you what you do or who you do it for. You can always say no and always cancel an order.


You’re right, you’re most likely being enslaved by yourself :confused:

You probably expected a perfect platform with perfect conditions and perfect buyers to make money, and when you saw that nothing is perfect you started getting overwhelmed by the lack of perfection in every Fiverr-related matter, to the point of thinking you are a slave to Fiverr’s imperfections.

You chose Fiverr out of all others, not the other way around, hence why you cannot say that you’re being enslaved by Fiverr or your buyers.


Well, life is made by pieces of choice. You and the one picking up the pieces. When you have a chance to pick up your own pieces, just earn it.

Oh my.

I have a feeling the OP had a rough customer to deal with recently. I hope it was resolved. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you are being enslaved.


You offer a service with UNLIMITED REVISIONS for 5$. Are you out of your mind? You are basically asking to be a slave.

I don’t offer unlimited revisions for ANY PRICE. Unlimited means UNLIMITED. I’m not immortal. I don’t have infinite time. Nobody has the INFINITE DOLLARS such a gig would HAVE TO COST.

Wake up. Use your head.


@takkyth Level 2, great reviews, 8 orders in the queue. Lots of reasons to be cheerful! :slightly_smiling_face:


OMG. You didn’t have any advice for the OP?:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Wow, and that right there is why I never argue with @fonthaunt :grinning:

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  1. I want to congratulate you for having 10 orders in your queue

  2. Raise your prices if you can’t handle it!

  3. Stop offering 1-day delivery in your basic and standard gig

  4. CHARGE for 1-day delivery

  5. Stop whining- other sellers would KILL to be in your position

  6. Watch the Spartacus series on Netflix, you will never use terms like “enslaved” as casually as you do now.