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My experience with delivering first job on fiverr

Was awesome.

When does the money usually get released? When the buyer rates my services?


It takes 14 days to release your money from the point of the order either being signed off as completed by the client, or 17 days if the client leaves the order to auto complete (in other words, you deliver your order… but the client doesn’t do anything about it… then Fiverr auto completes the order after three days).

Buyers don’t have any obligation to rate your services - hopefully they will, but many don’t. I’ve found myself in a situation where I only have three public ratings, but have made many more sales where buyers thank me in a private message!

Looks like @english_voice beat me to the punch about when your money is released. It takes time, but it’ll come!!!

To add to what @theenglishninja has rightly said, buyers don’t have to rate you - but the good ones do. Having said that, one of my regular clients NEVER rates me and it annoys me (it shouldn’t, but it does)! They’ve probably ordered something like 50 - 60 gigs over the past couple of years - so they’re obviously happy with what I offer, but they never leave feedback. It’s annoying because another 50 - 60 five star reviews would help my seller profile very much! But as @theenglishninja says - there’s no obligation for them to rate you.

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thankfully he rated me. Got the job done 3 days before the 4th day deadline.
This peace and calm came over me last night when I delivered his order, and haven’t felt that in a long long time. Hopefully I can scale up rinse and repeat.