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My experience with Fiverr and Gigs

Hello everybody!

I’ve used Fiverr a few times now, and usually it was a good experience. I normally hire artists to do 3d modelling and that was good for me, I was satisfied of the work I got back.

However, I have to say this service isn’t easy for people with Panic Disorders. Between my latest order and poor customer support I managed to lose out on around 77 CAD.

The gig was not provided, except for 1 concept image that was a WIP. Fiverr told me to dispute this with the artist which I did but I haven’t heard back from them. Support would not do anything about this and the “time” came up where the gig said it was completed AND delivered which was not so I lost out on my money and received nothing in return.

So as for how Fiverr operates, it seems good but it really depends on the person I guess.

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Hello, I’m so sorry about this. Fiverr keeps a hands off policy about disputes between buyers and sellers because this is only a platform to bring together buyers and sellers.

You could file a dispute with the seller and ask for a refund.

I hope it was not an empty delivery because your message clearly states that you have received nothing. An empty delivery is considered a violation. I would advise you to reopen a ticket to get a refund.Please remember that Fiverr doesn’t entertain cancellations based on the quality of work delivered or service provided. You must share screenshots as a proof to prove your point.

As I can see that you are a member of Fiverr since 2013 and I hope you are well versed with the functioning of orders (orders in running state, delivered state, modification state and finally completed state).

Good Luck!!

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Have you officially requested a revision on the order page, via the “request modification” button? If you have, the seller must have delivered something after that for the order to be marked as completed (and you could have requested another revision if the work wasn’t done yet, to prevent the order from completing).