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My experience with messaging

I hope you’re doing great.
I would to tell you about my first impressions to fiverr communication channels.
I started my great journey with fiverr just 2 days ago and had already 2 conversations with possibility clients, but there is also another site of a coin. Both of my first conversations has been conducted yesterday and with people/profiles which profile wasn’t fulfilled. They wanted to talk/offer hire me but away from official fiverr communications channels, which is corresponding to violation of fiverr’s policy. My question to you is: how often happen such unpleasant and mystery conversation to you. It is normal/common trying on fieverr platform to fool someone ?

First Experience: Someone form *********** wrote me such message:
Sir ! Sir ! Please send me a dollar, only dollar please please.

Second Experience: Someone from ******** send me message, he/she want to hire me but he/she want to talk via ■■■■■. After my denial he/she ended conversation.

What do you think ? Should everyone on fiverr have access to write everyone any kind of message/spam, or such unwanted conversation should be blocked ? or in other words. It is a better solution to give the Buyer/Seller possibility to message each other only after accepted his/her offer or check what he/she is offering ?

Have a great Day

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My experience with messaging

I am sorry to hear that. There are lot of scammers who target new accounts for making money. I have experienced also this kind of conversations. Sometimes after completing works, they cancel the order. It is happening in fiverr everyday.
Try to avoid some conversations. or report the profile with proper evidence. Fiverr CS will take care of rest.


Unfortunately, new sellers are the target :dart: for unscrupulous buyers on Fiverr. :roll_eyes:

They should not even be called buyers as they are not. They are scammers :imp: and spammers :smiling_imp: .

Your best course of action is to report and block them via the messaging system.

Also, it is not allowed to mention specific countries in a negative light in Forum threads. Please remove the countries you mentioned in your post. :slightly_smiling_face:


I must say this one more time one scammer was from the country where ************* flows into the************l and the other one was from comes from a country ************ I in the ***** . In my opinion there is nothing bad in saying in clearly manner who and from which country is trying to scam you. I think it is the good practice and i recommend to other users to share any details of the scammer accounts. It might help other people keep away of those particulary accounts.

have a nice day.

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It is forbidden by the forum rules.

Again, not allowed by the forum rules.


Why would other people want to keep away from a whole country of sellers?

I have had scammers and spammers from countries from which I have regular buyers. These buyers have been nothing but polite and they spend a considerable amount of money for my gigs.