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My experience with Promoted Gigs (Stats+How it's misleading)

Hello! So I tried out the Promoted Gigs feature and on the surface the stats look impressive, right? Wrong.

I’ve only had 2 clients who ordered my gig via the ‘Promoted’ feature. What’s interesting is that the tracker not only counts the initial order, but also ALL subsequent orders and tips as well from the same clients. This feels quite misleading to me as it doesn’t feel like an accurate description. It’s not a guarantee that a client will be a repeat buyer/or that they will tip, so is there a logic to this?

Here’s a breakdown of the 5 orders:
Order 1: $150 + $33 Tip
Order 2: $100 + $20 Tip
Order 3- $165 + $25 Tip
Order 4- $158 + $32 Tip
Order 5- $150 + $57 Tip

With a system where only the main order is calculated, the revenue would show $308. Even adding the tips, it would be $373. Including all orders, but not counting tips, it would add up to $721. Much less impressive than the $888 that Fiverr wants me to believe I made because of paying to promote my gig.

I’m a little uncertain how to feel about this, so do you’ll feel that this is justified or should they only calculate revenue based on the initial order? Would love to know your thoughts!


That’s interesting!
I’ve been promoting three of my gigs - and I am facing the exact opposite. I KNOW for certain that I’ve gotten a few orders through it, but the revenue is 0 (and has been since day one). I find it strange (maybe it’s because most of my clients contact me before ordering?). I feel like the feature is still a bit buggy maybe (or I did not get any orders through it, which I can definitely say isn’t the case since I usually see ‘promoted’ when the customers contact me).
In your case it does seem a little misleading - although in a way I ‘get it’ (since you did get that customer through the ad).


That’s strange indeed. I see those clients listed as ‘Promoted’ as well. I kind of ‘get it’ as well. My only concern is say for example someone spends a decent chunk of money and doesn’t keep track of their orders. They might be lured into thinking that they’re actually making way more than they are from the feature despite those just being repeat orders and continuing to spend on it as a result. That’s what feels misleading :slight_smile:

Ah no, I totally agree! It’s definitely odd (I also wonder if they charge you for each click you get on them from the same buyers also I doubt that!). I definitely think someone who is swamped with orders can easily end up thinking ‘oh this is helping me so much’ if they don’t investigate every single order (which I know I wouldn’t.)

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