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My experience with promoted gigs

Hi! I wanted to share with you, my experience with the new promoted gigs feature as I’m nearing the end of my free 10 dollars.

First of all, this has worked out really well for me and the customers I got through this feature were absolutely a blast! Secondly, although the feature did work out for me, please note that I only got two orders, fortunately these were high tier orders. I do not think it would be worth it for people who offer services that are 5-10 dollars, as you’d need to pump in a lot of money to get a lot of orders. However I do think that for people priced over 10 dollars, this feature is worth it.

It provides advertising at a targeted audience, and after all your investing the money back into your gig. For those who have this feature and have the 10 dollars, I recommend you to try it and see how it goes. You have nothing to loose :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing !

I did not know there was such option on Fiverr. Is it in Beta mode and available to some selected sellers only ? I cannot find anywhere the option

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Yep I believe its still in beta and available to selected sellers. Here’s some more information and the original topic: Launching Promoted Gigs :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. How can i promote gig?

I have found some more details on the eligibility of Gigs to the program :

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For me it’s looking pretty bad. I only got 1 contact so far, no orders. Not worth it imo.


Oh wow…I think it also depends on the market.

I’ll wait until the 10 dollars are up, but that will be it, I won’t be paying into this. However, given my prices, paying 10 bucks per order or so would be amazing - but I’m just not confident Fiverr is showing this to quality leads. I guess most people will see the price and never get in touch.


I think the problem is, that people who want your gig will search for your gig. What I mean: You provide professional grade video editing, and I do think that it would be harder to promote that kind of service as the customers who have that kind of budget and would like professional grade video editing would reach out to you instead.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking as well. Seems like a small market on Fiverr atm, I was hoping the platform would move faster towards standard industry rates and shed the reputation for “marketplace to get low quality stuff for $5”.


Yeah that’s true, it is kind of hard when you have fiverr in the name though :joy:

Yeah, that was a big misstep, I think. It’s a pretty bad name for a platform. Even disregarding the association with 5 bucks, it’s just a weird word, Fiver with an extra ‘r’. Just looks like a typo when written, and when said out loud it sounds like you’re just saying “fiver” lol. So in practice, when talking about it to other people, I have to say “you can find me on www dot fiver with an extra r at the end dot com”. Quite the long URL.

Not very well thought out.

And btw, they own the domain, and it just redirects to Makes no sense, it would be much better to just use Fiver as the name and main domain. Oh well, I guess I’ll write a post complaining about it on facebookk


Wow. Congratulate. Keep it up.


I think it is the market which is low right now. I too am promoting a video editing gig and so far I have received only 2 orders over the last two months.

wow!! that really experience level for us.

How are you promoting more than one gig? And how do you choose which one?

Fiverr has a list of requirements which your gigs need to meet. I don’t have the requirements right now.

Here’s my experience. As you can see, I have spent $2.27 on one gig, and gotten $40 in return.

Other promotes have gotten me some impressions but not clicks. If they don’t click, it costs me nothing.

Overall, I like it. It has forced me to think more, revise gig descriptions, prices, do things when I see that I’m not getting the results that I want.

I was doing that before, but when money is on the line, and you have a neat spreadsheet, it’s easier to do it.