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My experience with revenue withdrawal through bank account


Hi every body,
Just wanted to share my experience in withdrawing my revenue here on Fiverr through the bank account option. I live in Egypt, a country of those which Paypal still has issues with. I already have a Paypal account as an Egyptian, but when I tried to withdraw my revenue to that Paypal account, fiverr said there was a problem and they can’t seem to send my revenue to that Paypal account. After several back and forth with the support team they said the problem is not Fiver’s it’s the Egyptian Paypal account’s. So I head to Payoneer and made an account and transferred my revenue to it through the “bank account” option. Payoneer said that the money will take up to 3 business days to arrive to my balance. And guess what? Fiverr transferred the money in 13/4/2016 and today morning I had a call from my local bank saying that I have received the money, the exact same amount I calculated after taking off the $3 fee of Fiverr and the 2% commission of Payoneer for currency exchange :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Well, I think the bank account option is %100 working alternative so far (for me at least).
Sorry for such very long post!


Update: Just received a message on my mobile phone from my local bank stating that my revenue has just added to my account…AMAZING SERVICE :slight_smile:


In which currency have you received your money EGP or USD


Agreed, I like payoneer better than paypal as far as speed and fees go. It takes about 20 mins for my funds to get from Fiverr to payoneer, and usually no more than 36 hours to get them transferred to my bank account.


Hi, thanks for useful posts, i have a question, that should i have to pay annual fee of payoneer? when i am using fiverr as a funding source?


Payoneer is definitely the way to go - I’ve signed up and they have mailed my VISA card (waiting for it to arrive). Paypal currently has sanctions against Zimbabwe (where I am from), so I still can’t link my paypal account to my Zimbabwe bank account. Paypal think they own the monopoly - they need to wake up. There are a lot more service providers out there who are doing more for their clients. Let me be a true African and say #PaypalMustFall


Interesting, For me if I withdraw to paypal and then paypal to my bank account it takes me roughly 10 minutes and both processes are immediate. I don’t think I would like to wait 3 days and paypal have some amazing exchange rates right now.