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My experience with Vacation mode (and sales afterward)


So, following up on a conversation I followed a few weeks ago about vacation mode.

I recently went on a trip out of the country to visit my family and congratulate my brother on graduating from university, and I put my Fiverr account on vacation mode for the five days I was gone (as opposed to just pausing my gigs.)

While I was on vacation mode, I obviously lost all my impressions, clicks, and views because - duh - the Fiverr search ranking system isn’t going to display me while I’m unavailable to complete orders.

When I came back from vacation and set myself available again, my impressions, clicks, and views picked up again. I got an order the same day I was available again, and I went right back to my 1-5 orders a day that I had before I went on vacation mode.

So yeah, my experience with vacation mode? Nothing lost and no meaningful drops in my metrics.

Maybe other sellers are having a different experience, but for me there was no problem getting back into the sales stream.


I honestly appreciate the sharing of your experience! Mine is the opposite and I really don’t know why. From what I can tell on the forum, Vacation Mode is a different experience for different people on a routine basis and that is unfortunate. I had to go on VM for about 7 days due to a move and lack of consistent internet in my rural area. I returned to available several days ago.

Since then my usual positions on the top 3-4 pages have not been restored and my impressions are dismal. I’m actually OK with that since I deliberately went available earlier than necessary assuming that I could use a hotspot for immediate needs and wait out any delays. Even though I am now fully restored to activity, though, the only orders/messages I have received have been repeat buyers or those found through buyer requests. So, for anyone wondering - it is apparently a very inconsistent system based on these two experiences.




Reply to @jamesbulls: If clients can find you, that is definitely the important thing. I am happy for you. Fiverr definitely does work under the cloak of mystery,

fonthaunt said: Since then my usual positions on the top 3-4 pages have not been restored

Before I went on vacation mode, I was in the first batch of "High Rating" results in the Astrology & Fortune Telling category as well as its parent category, "Lifestyle." I did lose my "front page" ranking on both, but all the sales I've made since I came back have been to new clients that I haven't worked with before. My ranking ought to come back on its own pretty soon, but I don't pay that much attention to it: it's fun to see where I turn up now and again, but clients are finding me and I couldn't care less how as long as they keep paying, lol

*shrugs* Fiverr works in mysterious ways.


My sales dropped infinitely after vacation mode…


I’ve used vacation mode a couple of times (lucky to have has a few vacations this year) and I haven’t seen it affect my orders in any way. As soon as I come back on fiverr the inbox lights up and the orders come back though the same day.


I guess it all depends from the type of work you are doing.

When I went on vacation, for a week, I needed some time to get things up and running again. Very slow in sales after my return from vacation.


I went on vacation mode just recently to attend the funeral of my mother’s death. As soon as I got back on Friday, I had orders and inbox messages. Of course, a couple of messages were from repeat buyers but it wasn’t long before my queue was hitting the upper 10s again.

And, my gig is the 20s rankings of the Highest Average, despite my having more than 1k positive reviews.

Strange indeed.


I paused all my gigs 2 months ago for a week, because I needed to study for my exams. When I unpaused them, I struggled so hard with getting orders, and even messages. The first month I hardly reached $100, the second one the same. So, in my case, it really affected my sales. :frowning:


I created a post a few months back about this same topic, as any sort of research into the vacation mode system will uncover a lot of folks who saw the status of their gigs negatively affected when using it. I had to leave town for about two weeks, and put my gigs on vacation. When I got home and re-activated them, the orders were slow-go for almost a month, and my rankings were fairly low. After about a month everything got right back to normal.

I’ve since taken the recommendation of another seller who suggested not using vacation mode or pausing a gig, but extending the delivery times. I’ll post a message on my gigs informing clients when I’m leaving, when I’m returning, and that orders have to be placed by a certain date for guaranteed delivery before I leave. This seems to work well in small instances, but I haven’t tried it for a longer hiatus yet.

On a side note, does anybody else wish Fiverr allowed a Day Off feature? Something where we as sellers could specify a certain day, or days, during the week that we are unavailable, and it wouldn’t affect our delivery time.


My gigs are pretty much offering different services, but I struggled so much with getting any orders the first weeks after that. I even tried making changes to them, but nothing seemed to work.


I experienced the same as many of you. Even though I’m still quite fresh here, I had to go on VM for four days in the end of July. Back then, I was a level one seller, but the week before the VM I got several orders via my gig pages, before this I mostly found my buyers through ‘Buyer’s Request’. After deactivating VM there were no new orders via my gig pages for three weeks. About two weeks ago it began to come back slowly and now it’s steadily rising.

I will follow the hint with the delivery time next time. The good thing is that I rarely need it.


Great to know, jamesbulls! Thanks for sharing your experience. From the comments by others, it sounds like some are affected when they go on vacation. I’m wondering if the type of service offered by sellers could be a factor in how much users are impacted by vacation mode.


I just wonder, fonthaunt, if the type of service offered by a seller has an impact on how vacation mode affects them. I don’t have any theories as to why that might be, but I just wonder.

It does look like the impact is inconsistent, like you said.


If different sellers using vacation mode are getting very different results, then I think it must come down to how much traffic the seller has that originates from outside of Fiverr. I’m very busy with my social media marketing and I know that it makes a big difference because when I slack off on my self-promotion, my sales fall pretty quickly. I still use vacation mode on a regular basis, and all I can say is that if my seller ranking by relevance and average customer review are indicators, then it’s not hurting me at all.

When I search for my primary keyword, I’m ranked #3 by relevance:

And when I search for my primary keyword, I’m ranked #1 by average customer review:


Interesting. I had the opposite experience. I have quite a few links outside of Fvierr pointing to my gig. I’d be interested on your social media marketing. Maybe you are doing something different than some of us.


I keep a blog which usually gets a weekly update; I curate a relevant collection on Google+ which I update usually multiple times per day; I participate in blog-hops and other cross-marketing efforts with other professionals in my field; and I do a live-streamed show on YouTube almost every week. There are some communities on Facebook where I participate in conversation, but I don’t actually do any marketing there, and in terms of ads, I’m not paying for any ads on any platform. I also steer my buyers on Fiverr toward my blog in every order so they can follow me and stay up to date with what I’m doing. I get new clients every week, but by volume probably 70% of my sales are from repeat clients.


I have used vacation mode one day in the four years I’ve been here and never have been as visible at all in search, and my gigs are much less visible ever since and that was five months ago.