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My Experiences So Far after 2 days

New user here.

My experience of Fiverr so far as a buyer of services.

  1. First designer didn’t understand my needs, did half the job and I let him go.
  2. Second designer thought I was ignoring him and deleted my whole WP site.
  3. Fiverr customer support has ignored my messages.

Thank you.

Fiverr Support is most likely not ignoring you. They are understaffed, and extremely busy. It could take a few days to get a response.

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So they take our money and when the worst possible thing happens Fiverr take ages to reply because they don’t spend enough on customer support?

No. Customer Service responds within half a week. Since it’s a covid, it may take much longer.

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I’m sorry but that is not acceptable in any way shape or form. Support should obviously be prioritized and having a site deleted maliciously is right up in the top 2% of issues.

Other people contact support with problems that are urgent to them. You will have to wait your turn in the queue like everyone else.

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They get tens of thousands of messages per day. What do you expect?

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What could be more urgent than having your site deleted maliciously? Seriously interested.

If they get 10 of thousands of messages a day then surely they are doing something wrong?

Chill. Just wait, patience is the key.
And you are saying what’s wrong? I clearly said that already in previous messages.

Other people have urgent matters as well which is why they contact CS. Your matter may be urgent, but you do not know if hundreds of other people have matters that are just as urgent. CS have no way of knowing if your request is more urgent than that of another person before they actually reach your request.

Yes, I said that my site was deleted completely by a designer.

3 weeks work. By me.

As @vibronx said, they don’t know whether or not your request is important. They do it one by one, by the request’s priority.

You have to wait, they will reply to you once they reach your requests within the following days.

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‘by the requests priority’

I’d say (again) that losing your whole site is high priority!

Of course, it is important, but they don’t know that yet. They cannot prescreen many thousands of requests. Look, I understand that you are angry. I would be too. It is not right that the seller deleted your site, and I am sure CS will do something about it once they get to your request. For now, there is, unfortunately, nothing to do but be patient.

OK. You need to pause a moment and think.

You worked on your site and for some reason you hired someone on Fiverr to do something on your design webpage and he deleted it without explanation what so ever?

You do not have a backup screenshot or you did not save the HTML copy of the site in any way shape or form?

So, let us presume your site is lost and you lost your time.

Next is Fiverr. Once CS reaches your report they will issue you your money back. It will take time, but it will happen. So you are safe on that.

But still, we do not know what you hired Fiverr sellers to do, what they did or did not do, and what has happened to you exactly.

Yes and no. They accept users without screening and as result they get 90% users who do not read TOS or have even capacity to read and understand TOS and when they face issue, even slightest - they go to CS.

Even here on the forum, you have the same situation. It is clearly stated to read the forum before posting and you have 50 new users every day 5 new topics by them, 3 minutes of reading time.

Fiverr is not failing, humanity is failing. From day one to the last day. But that is another issue.