My express tag is gone?


Ever since I started my gig, I have delivered everything in under 12 hours. I have not missed ONCE… and I know this because I only sleep three hours a day and my emails get prompted on my cell phone. I always know when I have a gig. Even with new buyers, I will deliver under the 24 hour mark and the express tag still doesn’t come back. I was getting a steady flow of 3-5 buyers a day until my express tag went away… how do I get it back? I feel like not having the tag is letting more people overlook my gig. :frowning:


If you have never gone late on an order it maybe a glitch. Head over to customer support that are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week


When express tag gone… Then will never back :confused:

But contact costumer support and explain, they will help you :slight_smile:


Just an observation. Your gigs show a completion time of 1 day. Is there a completion time choice for less than that? If not, how would an Express tag improve on that?


They told me that they removed it because I violates TOS… I had linked my blog on my profile page and did not think twice about it. My personal blog actually talks more in depth about what I do but it links to Fiverr to allow people to purchase it. I dont make sales outside of Fiverr…

They said that I am no longer eligible for certain perks of Fiverr. However, they were nice enough to lift the warning so I could get the express tag back. Now I just have to wait for the tag to come back.