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My Failure And Success With Gig Packages

I know that many seller are probably wondering what the deal is with gig packages.

Fiverr promotes them and so do many sellers. However, there are also hundreds of negative reports from seller floating around the forum.

I first implemented the packages on my best selling SEO gig. I was very disappointed initially because my sales went from steady to nearly non existent. I was this close holds up hand showing very small distance between pointer finger and thumb to removing the packages and reverting back to my old selling format. However, I made the wise decision to not jump the gun, and to give the packages a little more time to root themselves into the aether.

After a fee weeks I begun getting sales, and while I don’t remember the exact order, there was a $15, two $20, and a $40 gig that all rolling in within a few days of each other. It is important to note that previous to adding the packages, I was only receiving orders of this size on an infrequent basis. The majority of my orders were for just $5. To receive this many large order is such a small period of time can only be explained by my packages.

It appears that while the packages did not increase my overall sales count, they did increase the average size of each order. Also, the buyers were all a lot more serious and professional, making the order process and lot more pleasant and enjoyable.

If you are trying out gig packages and business is a little slow, then don’t give up yet. I believe that gig packages can increase your revenue and decrease conflict between buyer and seller.

Thank you!


I’ve also noticed the mixed reports. I would assume most of the bad results have been just people not waiting long enough. Still, I always wait many months before trying a new feature to make sure it works properly.

I wish the description came first. Offering 3 prices, great idea. Not in love with the layout. Wish to keep the extras as they are. It varies for each seller how well they can use the packages. I love the extras and would hate to lose them.
My dream would be to keep things just as they are for my gigs but with a higher basic price.

Yes I agree. I believe that people need to give new features more of a chance. And yeah that is probably a good strategy, but on the other hand, if you can take advantage of a new feature before your competitors, then you could have a huge advantage.

Yes I would agree with your point about the description. Hopefully fiverr will pull through with some updates in the future and we will be able to take advantage of a better packages format. I have set a higher base price on one of my gigs and I’ve gotten a few sales so far, but nothing too exciting.

Some know to price the extras high and make them desirable so no need for packages.

Yeah I haven’t really known what to think about packages yet, but they are about to release them for my category so this is good information. I like the idea because like you said, you’ll get many more serious customers who know the value of what you’re creating. Where in the past I’ve gotten many customers who want the world for $5.

I think when it rolls out for video and animation I’ll test the waters by having it on one gig and see what happens.