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My Family in the Fiverr Blog <BRAGGING>

My husband and son were featured on Fathers Day and I just have to post here. (I’m a few years younger in that photo too, my son is now in his 30’s.)

I would have never been on Fiverr without the two of them getting started and in the next month I’ll pass 3,000 gigs sold (less than a year and a half). My son has similar stats… (His younger sister just hit Level 2 and will sell her 100th gig in the next couple weeks too. Her dad is driving that ship too…)

They linked to my husband’s gig, but he is primarily our behind the scenes guy.




Inspiring Fiverr family. :slight_smile:

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wooooooooooowwwwwwwwww :open_mouth:

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Wow! That’s truly remarkable!

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THANKS so much for the kind words!

[MORE Bragging]
DonnyVoice (my son) is one of the voices for the official Fiverr tech support videos. Here’s an example (he’s done around 10 of these so far, and his dad did the production/music for all of them.)

While DonnyVoice is 2000 miles away from home, we talk regularly due to Fiverr and lots of other family things too. Amazing what happens when your children become adults.

Saw this yesterday - great write up!
I wonder would it be an idea for Don to specifically focus on building up his profile in production of V/Os and focusing primarily on that - using you and Donny as prime examples with a couple of before and after examples. There are tonnes of V/Os on Fiverr who I am sure don’t have the equipment he has and could do with getting some help in production. Just a thought.

He’s thought of that, but never put up a gig for it.

He’s been training others on audio production for around 5 years now, and has been recording/engineering in pro studios since he was 19.

He specializes in VO/Narration and has a couple of the largest FB groups related to audio production already, but a gig on Fiverr may be helpful too.

Here’s a recent article that mentions him in association with one of the worlds best audio post-production toolkits.

(He specializes in helping VO artists improve their overall sound and reduce mouth noise and other distracting sounds…)

I’m going to talk with him about putting up a gig. I think he always assumed Fiverr VO artists wouldn’t invest in his high end training, but we could be wrong about that.

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Perhaps he could offer consultations for V/Os.
A kind of “how-to” which is based on the equipment that the V/O has and how to get the most out of it. I was unsure whether this approach would work well for me in SEO as there aren’t really many offering this but since rejigging this gig it has actually been my biggest revenue maker with many people willing to pay $25, $75 or $150 for a consultation which gives them advice and know-how, explains what they are doing wrong etc. I don’t get as many orders as the $5 guys but the order value is much better.
Offering something similar could be an untapped niche for him.

Wow, that’s a great idea and THANK-YOU for sharing what is working for you!

He’s been doing that for years, just not yet offering it on Fiverr.

I appreciate your insights and encouragement.

He just finished putting up our 5th family member (DavidBaarns) a couple days ago… And our youngest daughter hit Level 2 last week, and will cross a hundred gigs sold next week if it continues at the current run rate. (All 5 of our kids are adults now…)

I know he’s working on a new British accent demo for me, so when that finishes, time to have him post the type of gig you’re mentioning.

Thanks again!

Just a follow-up on this.

Now I’m a Top Rated Seller. Both myself and my son have delivered around 5,000 gigs each, and continuing to grow. (He’s over 5,000, I’m around 4950 as of this writing…) So between us it’s now over 10,000 gigs delivered. (He lives a over thousand miles away from me…)

Amazing what can happen over time if we stick with it and continue to refine!