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My faults and fiverr experience!

I join fiverr since march 2019. But i don’t create gigs and i am not active until 2020 jan.
Then i create gigs. i have 3 gigs.i.e,
1.Photoshop editing, scraping jobs, entry and copy paste jobs.

But i can’t get any order till now.

can anyone makes suggestions to get an order?

Who is your target target audience? Who will be buying your services in the time of quarantine? And who will be buying them in normal times?

i don’t get an order. so how can i understand this

Be patient and work will likely come your way if you have made your gigs appealing enough - well written, fair price, examples of previous work (for Photoshop), realistic turnaround time, etc.

The issue you will likely face is that Photoshop and data entry jobs are two of the most populated gig types on Fiverr - so you face competition from thousands of other sellers offering the same or very similar skills.

Therefore you need to try and find a way to distinguish yourself from others. Have you taken any of the Fiverr skills tests that will verify your skills? For example if you can verify your skills as Photoshop specialist and as an English communicator - then that would certainly give confidence to potential buyers.

Good luck. We all started out with nothing when we joined Fiverr.


thanks for your advice i will attend some tests. i hope that will increase chance to get an order.
any other suggestions, i am like a new member. so Please guide me…

You can google translate it to your language and after that google what target audience means.

I know you want a simple solution like take a test and you will get orders but that unlikely to happen.
You didn’t even understand who will be your clients and why they will buy from you.
Photoshop editing? Huge competition and most people can add filters on their photos go free with their phone in a matter of seconds. Why hire you?
Data entry and copy paste? A lot of people getting fired from a full time jobs like this so why someone will again hire you?
Email scrapping? Who will need this? And where do you think you can find those people/companies?

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Then what I will do?
How is your experience?

As @mariashtelle1 said, you need to learn it yourself and you need to understand that there is no magic formula for getting sales. You get sales from giving something people want that has low supply but high demand. You don’t get sales by completing a bunch of tasks. No one buys something because the creator performed tasks. They buy something because they want it, need it and they can’t find it elsewhere.

You don’t understand the basic of sales and you need to take initiative to figure that out instead of asking Maria to hold your hand and spoon feed you the understanding.

Also why would she tell you how she became successful? She did the work to learn and you can, too. No one is going to give competitors their strategy and you don’t have the skills to implement them anyway.


unfortunately, same situation happen to me :frowning:

Thank you for your advice.:+1::+1::+1: