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My Favorite Gig denied

My favorite gig denied, my question is, can i create new gig with same title and description?

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Let’s look at this rationally:

You made a Gig that got denied. Meaning, it broke some sort of TOS that Fiverr has. It is not a Gig that Fiverr wants on its site. It is a Gig that Fiverr does not allow sellers to sell here.

So, you are wanting to go and remake this same Gig, same title etc (sounds like) and try to get it past Fiverr admin?


This new Gig you post will be denied or caught at some point. Why not create a Gig that can be acceptable to Fiverr community standards?

What type of service were you offering that got denied?



Data Entry, Copy Paste, Web Research

Nothing wrong with those categories. I would wonder what it was in your Gig that got it denied. That is where the answer lies.