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My favorite teacher


Just a random topic.

I think we’ve all met terrible teachers, funny teachers, crazy ones, smart ones, etc etc
at one point in our lives. I met bad ones, but I was blessed with great teachers as well.

My art professors back in college were cool people and boy did they make me tough, but my favorite and most memorable teacher from college was my psychology professor.
One semester I took “Abnormal psychology” just for fun and some extra units…

and dang, it was fun. He was cool.

One day he invited a special guest to the class…a dominatrix.
She bought along some bag of “goodies” with whips and knives and strange stuff, and she told us all about the other “dark” world. It was quite entertaining.

And oh, the teacher got whipped in front of the class.
(according to him, the lady was VERY skilled and despite the large sound, it didn’t hurt at all)

Share your funny/crazy teacher story!


I had a English teacher in tenth grade. I’ll never forget him. He was half black, half Japanese, but he was more so in touch with his black side. 60% of our work was watching 9/11 conspiracy videos, then the remaining 40% was black history and studies.

He would give review sheets for tests in the form of multiple choice questions. The correct answer would be obvious. Example:
Who is MLK Jr.?
A. Ya mama
B. That guy over there
C. A Civil Rights Activist

He would also have us do challenges to earn extra points. Like eating a ghost pepper…

And to top it all off, our final assignment was to write a letter to congress demanding a reinvestigation of 9/11 behind pseudonyms and under the name of a completely different high school.

Needless to say it was an interesting semester…


Our schools principle used to teach us English which is probably why I’m a writer today.

She was a Russian that Graduated from Oxford and dear lord was she a beauty. Like I’m not kidding, she retired when recently at 40 and now she’s in modeling so my still present crush is justified.

She would beat the daylight outta students which is probably why I have masochistic tendencies now…great time.

(pulling my second all nighter in a row babyyyyyy)


Mine isn’t as interesting as the two of yours, but the most memorable teacher is from my high school. She was my math teacher.

She is the only one that I recall, actually believed in me. No one thought I was college material, no one even gave me the time of day.

Out of nowhere, she offered to write me a college endorsement. I was shocked that someone even offered. I didn’t go to college right away but eventually did. I attribute my engineering degree, my entire career and income on that one teacher that believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.

I wish I could find her to thank her. If she can see me now, at what I’ve become. Anyone who was a teacher will never know how many and who you’ve touched with simple words or gestures. I guarantee the students remember the teacher more than the teacher remembers the many students in his/her life.

Where ever you are or whatever you are doing, thank you!


This is such a wholesome post. @zeus777 god bless mate.


My homeroom/typing class teacher covered all of my course fees that were due for the year. She had me do these little data entry and publishing projects, which she “paid” me for by paying the fees.


When I was in high school, I was not skilled at memorizing information. Several of the classes I took required memorization, and because I was not a great memorizer, I felt like I was not very intelligent. Then Mr. B came to our small school and became the Social Studies instructor. He did not emphasize memorization of dates and places. Instead, Mr. B required us to write answers to essay questions where we analyzed events in history. I did quite well on those compositions and many of the “smart” kids who were whizzes at memorizing did not. That was a boost to my self-esteem.

Mr. B also began a Model United Nations Group, and I became a member. I got the opportunity to travel from my tiny town to a college city 550 miles away. I had never been on a college campus and was quite happy to be there. We must have done well representing our tiny country because we won an award as one of the best groups. After having Mr. B as a teacher, I felt smart and went on to do well in school and attended college in the city where I had first taken part in the Model United Nations.


…do you have any photos of her?
(pardon me if I sound like a pervert )


She was in a local magazine…I’ll share some from the next issue :3 (yes, I buy them “occasionally”)


Ohhhhh yes please!!!


Maybe she might have a FB page??
Sometimes I see commercials on TV where they say stuff like "We will help you find your childhood friend/teachers/old crush from your past!"
I am not sure how reliable they are, but it would be nice if you can somehow contact this teacher, she sounds like quite an amazing woman :smiley:


Yes, she is.

You know, it’s amazing that there are things we do and say, then forget, not realizing how impactful it was to someone.

Perhaps I will look her up. :slight_smile:


There are too many to name. Elementary (Pre-K to 5) hosted several all of which loved sharing food which included some traditional dishes. Middle school was about the same and high school was an experience in itself.

From new teachers to teachers that just seemed to follow you from middle school it was interesting. One of the most memorable teachers would be my science teacher (for 3-yrs straight in different disciplines) because they just didn’t care. They taught, they gave warnings and they loved fire.

In other words they taught the class and warned never to do another teacher’s work in their class or else [insert fire sounds here]. I kid you not. They even told the teaching staff his method for dealing with students that work on unrelated work in their class; no sympathy either way.

Let’s see college hosted a nice assortment of level headed fun loving instructors. Just about all of them enjoyed coming up with excuses to bring food into the classroom to share with their students. This includes my Guiness loving illustration teacher that turned break day into a fun loving day of food, music and quick review.

Then there’s my other art teacher that called for a break because they needed something hot to drink; it was a 10-15 min break which was very much welcomed.


Reminds me of my World History instructor that taught us high school freshman like his college students. Possibly one of two teachers where you just didn’t want to sleep in their class.


Why was I not in that classs…


My favorite teacher is the one that I am married to. :wink:

Of course, I also appreciated my high school art teacher. I credit her with fine-tuning my natural art skills, and giving those skills direction. I am the artist I am today because of her.

In fact, she was in her early 70s. When I entered high school, she must have recognized my existing art skills, because she chose not to retire until after I graduated.

Many years have passed since then. I have gone on to have a great art career. She has since passed away. But I will always remember her as the art teacher that inspired me on toward greater things.


Our psychology professor, back at the University: “There I was, sitting in a lunatic asylum…”

We all start laughing at that, she patiently waits for us to calm down, and continues her story.

She was great. Still is. :smile_cat:


Not sure but they were kind enough to share a joke that a group of students took seriously. They said if they were brought some Guiness extra credit would be given out. Lo and behold they brought the Guiness.

@catwriter Sounds like my high school Psychology professor.