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My favourite kind of customer

Why do some people think that because we’re freelancers we’re not real people?

I seem to have attracted a certain kind of buyer on my writing gig and the interactions have gone like this

Them: Random order! No information!
Me: Hi and thanks for your order, could you provide the information you require in your project (as detailed on my order form)?
Them: You write 1000 words and this is the title. Need in 24 hours.
Me: attempts to gain further clarification about style of their project. Receives no reply so does best guess based on title. Also point out that I have an express delivery option but this was not selected
Them: silence
Me: tries to be a nice guy and squeezes in their project. Project delivered approx 12 hours after delivery. message with delivery “here is your order. I was able to move this into my workflow and complete, please message me before placing any future orders so I can fully understand your needs to deliver the best project possible.
Them: silence

3 days pass
Them: You will write 4000 words for tells me price send me the custom order.
Me: Hi there. Unfortunately this isn’t a price within my gig. That price would be for a much smaller order and would not include any topic research, so this would have to be provided by you. Can you confirm that you will be providing the research for this project?
Them: I have told you the price to do this project for. Why should I have to pay for research?
Me: Silently screams inside

Why are some people just so rude?


I knew from the description of the buyers you are attracting that your prices were low and you are a newer seller. You are attracting a certain element. Newer sellers have to keep their prices low at first to gather some great reviews and this is unfortunately what you have to deal with.

The buyers you are describing lack education, manners, and some other benefits, and try to make up for all that with rudeness. If you can endure this long enough to get more reviews, raising your prices should help.

Also they may not understand or be able to communicate well or at all in English.


Know your boundaries and stick to them. Decide now how you will deal with this type of buyer in the future. If that means saying ‘no’, so be it. Don’t provide more than is paid for.

(Be sure to have some ‘required’ sections in your gigs, if you don’t already. If a customer fails to provide, this is grounds to ask customer support to cancel the order for you.)


What’s so funny is that if they continue being that rude, they’ll put themselves out of business. But yes, increase your rates to attract better customers.