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My firast Experience in Fiverr


Hi Everyone,

I am new in Fiverr. I was working at local market in bangladesh about 3 years. I completed 350+ job.
which are logo deign, flyer, banner and lot of design . I hope it will be a great experience working with fiverr.

I need tips. about my gig & fiverr . how chan I gate job?



You “chan gate job” by marketing and promoting your services – just like you no doubt did when you worked in your “local market” and “completed 350+ job”.

You need to take responsibility for your own success here on Fiverr, just like you would do in any job.


Thanks for your impotent advice :grinning:


Is this supposed to be an attempt at humor?

If so… you didn’t use the word “impotent” correctly.


Hey mate, sounds like you struggle with your English. Use Grammarly for Chrome. It will help you to write correct Grammer & Spelling.


How many time wait for get job here.


Why are you waiting for jobs? Go out and find your customers. Tell/show them what you can do to solve their problems, and then bring them back to your gigs to place orders.

Waiting around, while doing nothing to grow your business, is a terrible business strategy.


yes, That’s a really good idea.
It’s really help good.