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My firest Fiverr experience is probably my last

Complete work look like it was done by a child, Seller followed instructions, but the result looks really bad, and I could never use it.

I guess it is live-and-learn. I threw away $35. and that will be the last.

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I’m sorry about your experience. There are many awesome sellers on Fiverr, so don’t give up on us too quickly! Many of my customers request to see samples of previous work before they buy, so maybe you could ask for a link before you spend money on a seller.

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Are you saying that the samples included with the gig advertisement are not necessarily samples of their work? The samples there looked just fine.

I was promised a stock photo, and did not receive it.

I was promised a revision and have not (yet) received that.

Most people say that the “concept art” that I submitted, that I had thrown together in less than 20 minutes, looks better than the final output from the designer. I know that is a question of taste.

The real problem is that I can paste graphics together – I expected something that looked “good” with a feeling of proportion, pleasing to the eye. I did not expect fonts that were unreadable.

This was a $35 gig – not the cheap $5 one. What I got really does not look anything like any of the samples included as examples of work.

Anyway, I probably at this point am only going to be taken as an cranky unreasonable buyer at this point. I probably will just consider the whole experience a loss and move on.

Well its not a lose! If service is not provided as promise then you can ask for refund or cancel the order!

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I will try that. It is hard to say that the service was not provided. The seller provided a book cover in a timely manner. But that cover is just unusable and not as nice as the concept piece I submitted.

It is a question of quality, not simply performing the service.

Part of me want to say: well with Fiverr it is “hit or miss” and just take this as a loss.

But another part of me rebels because what I got back looks like it was assembled by a child with no sense of good design. I would be embarrassed to produce a book with that cover. I have done a lot of books, and usually the cover design proposals have an aspect of “looking good”. This is, in this case, not a question of me being really picky, I think, but rather the cover provided would really not be an acceptable cover.

It certainly bears no resemblance to the beautiful sample covers in the ad.

I don’t know. For my own sanity I should just drop this and move on.

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Actually, quality service is the priority on fiverr. Even, i know there are some unamateur seller who offering service which does not mean whole platform is bad. Same like there are some bad buyer who always want to get free work or never get happy. Fiverr have some clear instruction about how a buyer can choice a seller, for example, seller rate, level and reviews. ! I dont know about your seller but i think before buying anything a buyer need to check those.

No, you definitely don’t sound unreasonable. And that is definitely grounds for frustration. Sample work should always be done by the seller, and it should reflect the finished product. Sounds like that wasn’t the case for your seller. Sorry you had such a bad experience! I promise we’re not all like that :expressionless:


To know whether it is their original work just do an image search on Google.

Also, I guess that few sellers have fake reviews. Just look at the names of the buyer who reviewed the order. Probably it will be single person ordered the same gig multiple times in a short period and there won’t be any reply from the seller.

Whether it is ordering a gig or doing something else, make wise decisions after doing some research first.