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My First 1-Star Review.YES!


I seldom rant, but thats gonna change now.

After 3 years, almost 1400 completed orders, 990 reviews I have finally achieved my first 1-star review.
I’d like to thank the buyer who made this all possible…from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

A lil backstory: The buyer wanted a book trailer video, 60 seconds, no voice, text only, music…basic. They didn’t provide the actual text for the trailer, didn’t even provide the book cover (as requested in my gig description) until the day of delivery and STILL I delivered on time, as promised. Buyer then asks for the watermark to be removed, so they could send the video to the author. I declined. Its been my prior history that I’ve had over $3000 in videos “stolen” on Fiverr as they’ve been delivered, then the orders were cancelled.
As a practice on and off fiverr, I do not deliver any videos without a watermark overlay AND a watermark underneath the video every 20 frames (on a 30fps vid). I can remove corner watermarks or centered layer watermarks in After Effects with a little work, so if I can, I assume anyone can and it’s standard procedure in my line of work to watermark.
Anyway, the buyer contact me again asking why, I explain and they proceed to put through a cancelation notice complaining about the quality of the video, cheap footage, etc and then state they never got the video…which begs to question, how can one complain about a video one has never received. Nevertheless, I declined the cancelation request with an appropriate response and get hit with the 1-star review. The video will actually be IN my portfolio.
Now, I say this with 100% honesty, I don’t care about the reviews, I only care about my work. I know they help/hurt rankings and some sellers ask for reviews…I don’t. If the videos I create are on and I get a 5 star review great. If I get a 3 start review…same thing.
I’m personally offended by the seller’s comments, behavior and lies, but not surprised. Complaining about using cheap footage on a job that cost $60, when purchasing 1 clip would cost at least that much shows, at once ,a level of hypocrisy and ignorance from this buyer I would have though reserved for someone who doesn’t make a claim to be a professional. To insult MY integrity and professionalism sounds like smoke from another fire and I get burn.

My thanks is for showing me that, even at my age, I can still be surprised.
Oh well, for me it’s part of a 2018 transition plan. Its been a good run, but all good things must come to an end…


I can understand you’re upset with a 1 star review, but don’t understand why you don’t remove the watermark when you deliver.

If you deliver a video with a watermark on it, is the buyer getting what they thought the would? I wouldn’t want a video with your watermark on it either I’m afraid.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood what you mean BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:


When the video is delivered WITHOUT a watermark, there is nothing preventing the video from being “stolen” by claiming its not what they wanted or they’re disappointed and they’d get the video anyway by canceling.
If they get the video with my watermark its NOT the final delivery. When they come back either by marking the gig complete or with a message in the order area accepting the video with no revisions, then I deliver the clean video or a link to upload.
Often times when I make video trailer its 200mb or larger…some over 1GB and can’t be uploaded through Fiverr’s delivery system, so I have to provide a shared link with the buyer’s video via Wetransfer, Dropbox or GoogleDrive. If that video does not have a watermark then what is preventing an unscrupulous buyer from downloading the video from the link, then cancelling the order? Nothing, save one’s word that they won’t do it. Final, approved, accepted deliveries are always clean videos, but until that stage, they’re watermarked.


First of all, 1-star reviews and buyers like the one you described are terrible. You’re lucky it’s taken so long to happen to you! :smile:

So, I get where you’re coming from, but every seller on Fiverr has to take the chance that a scammer could get their work for free.

Designers, writers, editors–everyone has to deliver his or her work in good faith. That’s part of business.

My question would be this: If a buyer accepts the delivery and say it’s all good, how long does it take to get the useable, unwatermarked version that was already due? The watermark itself isn’t a problem in my opinion, but (unless you’re delivering before the deadline to account for it), I feel like it causes a delay that the buyer didn’t expect.

Anyway, a scammer is still going to scam you if they really want to by either telling CS you held their files hostage with your tactic (trust me, many CS reps would fall for it based on some crazy experiences I’ve had) or they can simply file a chargeback on their card at a later date and still run off with the unwatermarked files.

My point is, I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble for anybody. But, if it makes you happy, keep doing it. :slight_smile:


If there is a way to mitigate that risk, then one should take it. I refuse to accept unmitigated risk. There is inherent risk, yes, but that could be said of any business transaction.
Good faith is good, until it’s bad. Its happened enough.

How long does it take to deliver the clean video? It varies, but if I deliver the video,then I’m online and the clean video is ready, so it can be as soon as 60 seconds or as long as it takes between the time of being online and off. I never deliver late, always ahead of schedule.

A scammer can’t scam if the video is watermarked. If they cancel the order, they have a watermarked video. In any instance involving a cancelation I’d be out the time I spent, but if the video is watermarked, they don’t profit from my loss.

Its no trouble at all, and I do it for everyone except repeat clients. I practice “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything”, so it’s standard operating procedure for me.

I can’t account for every possible negative outcome, but the ones that have happened or are most likely to happen, I can.


Never give up brother…wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100:


Great bro wish you very good luck for the future <3


Come on, 1 review like that out of 1400 is such an anomaly that it should be ignored and not form any part of your planning or strategy. it forms 0.07% of your sales - it is nothing!


Agreed, the review in and of itself is not an issue. It happens…every thousand orders. :smile: My statement was alluding to my experiences, of late, that have been leading me towards a different direction and/or an overall rebranding/redesign of my service offerings on Fiverr.
It’s like golf, but in reverse: You can have 100 bad shots, but hit one good one and that’s all you’ll talk about.


You’re lucky to not have experienced it, but the biggest scam Fiverr sellers face is when buyers mark an order as complete on the site (and, therefore, get the unwatermarked files from you) but then later file a chargeback on their PayPal account or credit card.

It happens too often. Fiverr will trace the order and, ultimately, deduct your earnings.

But, your method does help protect your hard work and it’s worth doing if it’s an issue you face. :slight_smile: