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My first 1 star review

On my gigs here : I get my first 1 star review. He gave me a website that doesn’t have enough data on what he wants. Fiverr support staff, I hope I can replied on this review and explain the real situation. I struggled hard to complete the gig.

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Dear Muhammad ,

While I can’t decide if the customer was right or wrong, if you seen you are unable to complete it, you should have cancelled it.

Also, I had a look on your gig, and I would suggest to be more specific in what’s included in packages.
I read the basic, medium and premium descriptions, and they are all relative. “substantial amount of data entry” could mean anything from 2 pages to 200 pages, or, I can say typing in a whole library is quite substantial, so I could expect that too.

What is the difference between large and substantial?

Did you specified any format you accept? Do you convert word to pdf? Or type in from a blurry low res jpg to a fully formatted word document?

My main message is: Reading your vague descriptions, a client’s expectation can be really different than what you thought you are offering.


On my client, I know what he wants but the website the he gives me don’t have the info that he wants. I told him many times that I can’t find the info that he wants and he suggests me many ways to find what he wants and I can’t find it. Tomorrow, without any warning on the messages, he gave me me 1 star. He should tell me that he doesn’t want to continue to do the gigs with me. I hope I can reply on the review to explain this situation.

***********. Here’s the screenshot of the messages between me and him.

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You need to remove the username as naming the buyer is not allowed on the forum.

Ok. I will remove it.

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Here’s the screenshot.

You biggest mistake is that you ask for a review from your buyer
Eventhough you have tried hard…, it’s not your rights to ask a review…

and if the project is unclear and buyer can’t provide you with enough material…,
It’s better not to accept the project…,
always ask potential buyer to contact seller first before ordering…, so we can prevent something like this…,

On this case…, i think you have your own fault too :frowning:

The review you got is “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

This is not a review left by your buyer. It’s an automated review when you don’t deliver on time your order. You should have delivered it, with your best of your capabilities, or cancel the gig before the time runs out.


I didn’t ask him to review. I only ask him to consider his review after he left 1 star review.

Is this true ? I hope Fiverr staff can reply here.

I hope I have the option to reply on the review or the support staff can make a decision whether the review should be removed.

Nope - that’s unlikely to happen I’m afraid. :frowning:

Ok. I hope they can take a look at this case.

i just say i am sorry about your start now you have to struggle much more to put over this review and make your position…

It’s ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! That is EVEN MORE dangerous than just asking for a review. There are SO MANY people who get a warning and/or get their accounts banned because of having asked buyers to reconsider a negative review.


Don’t Loose heart hope you will get 5 stars in futures

I didn’t know that. Fiverr, I’m sorry.

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Actually, there are some buyers who do such work. Fiber should look at the seller, the seller is always subjected to one type of abuse. It’s not right that the buyer wants to be like the king all the time

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