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My first 2 days on Fiverr haven't been great. Advice from the pros on here would be welcome

A friend of mine had a lot of success on Fiverr, earning a lot in her first week. Now, she makes about a thousand dollars or so a month. She does modeling and hold your sign stuff. Once in awhile she has even had someone’s logo painted on her fragglesrock body and photographed. Unfortunately, I’m not a model. I’m a multi talented VA and writer.

I had a few friends check out my gigs. They think that they are okay. I promoted them on Twitter and Facebook.

End result - 1 sale in 2 days. 21 page views (most of them from friends checking out the gigs). What am I doing wrong ? Is it the services I am selling or what ?

A small piece of feedback as a starter for 10:

“I will ghost write See your book in a bookstore for $5” , is not a great sentence and best, and not good English at worst.

For someone advertising doing writing on here, it is not a great advert for your skills.

As for getting the sales up … that just comes with time.

I tried to submit several better sentences for that gig. However, Fiverr must have a word count limit for titles or something. All of my other ones were red flagged. Here is a list of titles I tried.

"I will ghost write any fiction up to 750 words for $5"

"I will ghost write 750 words of your next book for $5"

"I will ghost write in any fiction genre up to 750 words for $5"

I’ll try changing it, again. Maybe it was a glitch or something.

Voiceover guy here - As far as your friend’s results are concerned, it’s like the diet commercials: “Results not typical.” You have an apples-and-oranges comparison going on there. My start on Fiverr with voiceover work was just like what you’re experiencing, and eventually things took off. Just hang in there and do quality work with swift delivery times. Under-promise and over-deliver. If the quality of work is there, the quantity of orders will come.

Be sure you aren’t including “I will” and “for $5” in your titles. Those are already implemented and if you try to type them in, you’ll get a flag.

Best of luck to you!

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Good luck~

Totally agree with ‘stop_it_man’. I had to wait 2 weeks for my first order. Just hang in there and the no of orders will rise up gradually. 1 sale in 2 days means, you are luckier than most of us :slight_smile: Refer the forum (tips for sellers) and you will get some valuable ideas on ‘how to get more sales’.

start fiverr and 2 month waiting my 1st order