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My First 3 weeks on Fiverr!

My name is Pat! Hello!

I am a full time voice actor and I started on about 26 days ago. So far it has been amazing. I have made many new clients and even some friends from all over the world!

Over 60 orders and over 50 five star reviews in just 3 weeks. I’m very pleased.

The Fiverr community has been wonderful so far and I very much look forward to working with everyone.

I love what I do. Voice Acting is the best and the most rewarding job I have ever had. Every project is like painting a picture and as an Artist I make that picture perfect for each individual client.

Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!

See you all soon!


What a great start Pat. Congratulations and much success.

Thank you Anna! It has been great so far. I wish you the best of luck as well!

How do you do this??? Great job!

Hi @patsvoice, wow … 60 orders in 26 days is amazing. May I know how you market your gigs?

This my second day in Fiverr with no sales nor views, hope I can get one very soon :wink:

I wrote about how I did this. Here is the Link. Just remember to be consistent and have patience.

Hi @gridridedesign I wrote about how I was able to do this here is the Link. Remember to be consistent and have patience. We all move at our own pace. Never compare yourself to others, just be yourself and consistent and it will happen. here is the link.