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My First $75 Order :D


Dear All Seller !

today i got a $75 order and this is my highest order i made in this $5 world :slight_smile:

Yes I Got $400+ From One of My Buyer But That Was a lot of orders

But This One Is One Order $75 :slight_smile: .

Fiverr® Is just awesome !.

level 2 increased My Sales Dramatically …

What Is you Highest Sale ? and Do you have Screenshot Of it ?

share it with us,it will make me and everyone enjoy so much .

m/ m/


Mine was $150 for one order :slight_smile:


Congrats =D>


Congrats :slight_smile:


wow you guys really earning awesome, the biggest money I earned from a buyer last january was the music video stop motion I made for a famous music producer of californication series in u.s? I am not really familiar but I did check it and from that project, I earned 750 was a one month job but it was ok :slight_smile:


Maybe I should offer a gig which blurs information on photos people send me, because I can still read the buyer ID :slight_smile:


My biggest order so far is $25 and this is my 6th day here.


Congrats to all of you successful sellers above =D>

For my part, my biggest unique sale was $200 $-) As I was just at Level 1 (or not even) the order had to be broken down to multiple number of Gigs and split over a certain number of days so that I could deliver without facing late delivery penalty. Because of that, I cannot show a screenshot of a single sale, but I had as many “Thumbs Up” as deliveries :-bd


Reply to @ellenwright: Congrats! Cause you are newbie you probabbly have to sell 5 gigs for this order, am I right ? I am also new here, my biggest order was $15.


That’s awesome! Congrats!!! =D> =D> =D>


wow, an amazing revenue i think… wish i get that soon :))


Really cool mate! Congrats !! :)>-


Reply to @knewme: Yup, sold 5 gigs in one order.


My biggest one has been $40. I love reading the success stories it shows me I should keep working here because hard work does pay off. Congrats to you.