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My first and last Fiverr Experience

Post my first ad as a Buyer, a $200 flat fee design job. Got 20 offers. As near as I can tell, 19 of them were cookie-cutter, bottom quality dodgy offers. These 19 had what I suspect are mostly bogus portfolios, with semi-literate English pitches that didn’t respond at all to the specifics of the job I posted. “I have read your job and I will easily respond to all your requirements perfectly!” sort of thing. The one quasi-real offer was from a real person with some design skills, but I wasn’t all that impressed by his portfolio.

Put the same ad up on UpWork, and I got 6 offers, all of which appeared to be from legitimate and competent designers, one of which I quickly contacted and hired on the strength of her portfolio. All the sellers on UpWork responded specifically to the work I had posted.

No more Fiverr for me, too many dodgy Sellers.


Fiverr works differently to Upwork, buyer requests are SUPPOSED to be for off standard requests. For everything else, browsing gigs and choosing a seller from there is better. You will find the majority of top sellers don’t peruse the Buyer Requests because they get enough work organically so you are missing out on a lot of good sellers by relying solely on posting a job. You will also find pretty much every new and no/low sales seller bidding for those requests which, as you discovered, does not always go well. Any time I have tried posting a job in Buyer Requests, I have not had any success there so I don’t use it any more.

On the flipside, as sellers on Upwork have to bid for every single job they get, this tends to be built into the price you pay - so you essentially pay for the time sellers spend bidding on other people’s jobs too. Once you find sellers that you like on Fiverr, you really save money every time you use them.


Came to the same conclusion 5 years ago, back then i figured fiverr will most likely fix or remove the request section. Figured wrong, its still there and worse than ever.


Some day there will be an update and we will all be amazed.
Also, would you like this half full glass of water?

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Yes it’s totally true.
I stopped sending proposals 9 month ago and now I get orders from fiverr’s search.

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Heh that day i might just have a peak at the main site again.

Don’t lump me in with them…