My first and last! this affects everyone on fiverr everyday!


bad sellers on fiverr are becoming a plague, the worst part of that is when you feel that the website managers are keeping those phony designers and developers thinking that they would make some business with them while it is totally the opposite! the toxic sellers are turning people from the whole platform.
I came out with this when I had a terrible experience with a thief on the site, and nothing happened other than refunding me, not even my negative review was shown on his profile to alert others! after wasting my time and putting me in an embarrassing situation!

Here are the details of what happened if anyone is interested, my first order went for a so called web developer, the seller had a 13 positive reviews with 5 stars, which made me feel safe. he said my requirements are easy and he can do it.
my requirements were was perfectly exact to the pricing range he had on the listing, which was 15 dollars, but he asked for 100! and said that he doesn’t update his profile frequently.
after refusing he kept going down to reach 35 dollars, I accepted because I had an idea in my mind that he was just trying to do some hunting to check how high would I go or how rich I am (disgusting)!

here’s the terrible part of the story he kept delaying and saying I’ll finish soon and I need extra hour etc, then he sent me a funny piece of letters (I can’t call it even code) that he copied from the internet!

the guy refunded me but he put me in a terrible situation and lied to me until the last minute instead of just saying that he doesn’t know anything about the subject! I could’ve compressed my time and done the job on my own in those 3 daysز


its fairly simple though…kinda sounds he needs to update some stuff on his profile description, in reality…thats probably what he charges…like really what did you expect to get for “web development” at $15, he probably thought it was easy enough to do, so he just went down to $35 and finally realized…its gonna take more time than he realized, and isn’t worth the $35, and instead of telling you, he can’t do it for a certain price…because you already established yourself as a buyer who’s not willing to pay more…he just played difficult, to get you frustrated, so that you would request the cancellation or be ready to do one…


wow, you defended a guy who was ashamed by himself, web development is not building a website, the task was max 8 hours of work. the guy just claimed to be good in a technology that he’s not familiar with. probably you’re coming from the same background.


lol what? I’m quite aware what web development is, that’s why in the first place I asked, what did you expect for $15? and yea ok, max 8 hours of work, but at $15-$35, you aren’t paying him enough for exclusivity, unless he lives in one of those 3rd world countries, where that’s like a month’s pay, if that’s the case, I retract that and my previous statement, but if that’s not the case, you aren’t paying enough for exclusivity, and with the nature of fiverr, he’s probably working on multiple projects at a time, I also never take a job I can’t handle, because when orders get canceled, the fiverr algorithm screws you over…


Hm are yo willing to work 8 hour days for 243SEK (35 dollars minus -20%) before taxes, expenses, retirement insurances and other mandatory business expenses?


Yeah, $15 is not enough money for 8 hours of work.


If it was stated in the seller requirements, he/she must fulfilled what the buyer ordered. I was once editing a video 20+ times for $5($4 to be exact) when I first started out in Fiverr. Dumb you might said, true. But that time I stated unlimited revisions, so I have to do what it was stated.


Why the hell are you discussing the payment? he agreed to do the work for 35. And kept lying for 3 days that he’s working on it. Then retracted at the very last minute.
The discussion point here is that he listed something that he can’t do, and wasted my time, and got away with it !!

Should I delete the payment segment so you people can have some critical thinking!? And yeah he’s from a 3rd world country for the guy that was asking!


Seems that the place is full of unethical people, u all think that it’s okay to lie and manipulate people! You are discussing the 15 dollars, where the task was done for 35 after his request! Why the **** are you talking about the 15 dollars! the thieve’s listing was never my fault!

Do you expect me to pay 100$ for such trashy seller? I will hire a professional swedish designer! I’m a developer and I know what kind of tasks I’m throwing.

Not to mention that the thieve asked me to contact him on skype before we agreed, and lied around ten to fifteen times! Good on you people for defending a cheating liar! Seems it’s the norm with fiverrs trash sellers.



Listen, you have to know that for low pay there is a hit and miss chance of getting a job done smoothly and swiftly. Especially for work that needs time and skill.

Also, the fact that a person is not updating his profile frequently, might actually be a warning sign to start off with.

I will not defend or blame anyone here, but since you have your money back all you can do now is learn from this situation.

Surely one will find not only con sellers but buyers as well. Not referring to you personally just stating that this is present from both sides. There will be people that will just waste your time.


On the one hand: I agree with you that if a price is agreed then you can expect the seller to deliver at that price. Regardless of how low the price is, what is agreed between you and a seller should be honored. All of the issues you had with the seller should really have told you to run away from them. Extra money after ordering, asking for Skype contact etc - if they are willing to break Fiverr rules so candidly then why on earth would you trust them with your site or whatever?

On the other hand: When you scrape the bottom of the barrel, you should not be surprised to find a lot of rubbish. You might be lucky and find a gem but you will likely have to go through a lot of grime first. Expecting to pay $15 for 8 hours work is just unrealistic and your decision to hire someone who accepts that falls under the title of “Caveat Emptor”.
Fiverr is a platform with a huge mix of sellers from all over the world. You as the buyer can save a lot of money on this site but there has to be a limit to how low a price can go. A web developer working to earn less than $1.50 an hour? Seriously, I am not defending the seller but you did yourself no favors here.

You say you are a developer yourself, you know the going rates so how could you expect to get good work for this low a price? If it was possible then surely you and every other developer would be out of a job…

Also, if they cancelled the order and you left a review then this was not a public review but private feedback. Public reviews can only be left when an order is completed. Fiverr may take action against the seller based on what you said but they will not tell you what action and it could be days or weeks down the line.