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My first Anniversary

Hi all,

First of all, I wanna say thanks to all of you for coming on my post. I recently realised that today is my first anniversary on Fiverr. I joined Fiverr 1 year ago (30-August-2016) with the passion and hope of earning. I struggled a lot to get the single order, but all in vain, hence, I did not leave the Fiverr with the hope that one day I will get the order and same happened to me after 5 months that I got my first order on January-20-2017. It easy to write 5 months of wait for getting single order but very hard and headache in real life.

Today I have 130 completed orders with 93 reviews. Anyways, I am here to pay thanks to Fiverr and his team for their continuing support to me. I hope I will earn more and more in the future. Now, I am a poor seller of Fiverr but with the hope I will become a TRS/Rich seller of the Fiverr by giving my clients 100% quality and satisfied work. …

Thank You all. :heart_eyes:

-ShahzadRehman. :neutral_face:


Hi @pixleakhi

I went through your profile, It’s not completed well. For example, You should use a professional Profile picture as well as you should share your Social profile links too.

Moreover, Remain active 24/7 and stay updated with the buyer requests. Write well, When you’re responding to buyer requests.

I hope you will get success one day. If you need more help, feel free to ask me.