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My First Assignment completed in my tough time!

Worth the wait…! finally after creating my first gig on logo design, I got first order in the midnight and got to know about the order only in the morning after around 9 hours! This was very recent incident, I had my first order in my inbox and had gone to hospital with my family.

My situation that day was very critical i cant come back to my work place to work on this first order as we had gone for medical examination for my wife! At the same time i can’t let my first order let go!!!

After the medical examinations by afternoon, i had reached my work station only by evening and had got some hours to deliver the logo! I worked on the few best options and uploaded to client.
The client was happy with my initial options and delivered final files of the final logo within the delivery time!!!

It was great experience for me with the challenging situation to balance between personal commitment and professional offerings!

Now i am more confident of taking on upcoming orders!!!

Cheers to all!!!