My first bad experience with a buyer


so I just finish a gig with this buyer, it was a basic gig for illustration, and during the process she made some suggestions all good, then I thought It will be really cool to add something with photoshop to give it an extra look and I did, the buyer like it and made some revision for the photoshop edition, I apparently didn’t understand quite well her revisions, the were really subtle to me, but this were outside of the gig.
So the buyer ask me for the source file which wasn’t included in the gig either I tell the buyer that this was 5 $ then she gave me a bad review, well not bad review but a review that wasn’t 5 stars, and send me this message.

"I gave you a nice review because you were nice enough to do these drawings for such little money.
however, you still did not deliver what i requested from you

There was no artistic filter applied to the lines. so now i will have to do a lot of masking and have a lot of extra work to isolate the lines to do this as i requested.

good luck in your future.

p.s. if you want to make this up to me - i would appreciate the psd files so i can fix it. otherwise, have a nice day."

I just feel like my work has not value, to this buyer and something that I did from my heart as a favor turn out to be my duty…
I send her the source file any way but I think this was a manipulative message, and it makes me feel sad because I didn’t do a great job. It’s the first time this occurs to me.
Did you have a similar experience ?


Hi, sorry to hear about your reviews but i don’t think that you haven’t given your best… i think you put your extra efforts by adding new things and i think she must appreciate you for this as you have done this only for her with little amount in return .

But at the same time we can’t change their thinking … so forget about it and just move forward for doing more new adventures in new orders … :grinning:

Yes, i have been through! not the same but more worst :joy:… i got 1 star and very bad reviews for the first time in fiverr …But i don’t care because i know i was right and when somebody try to insults you and then say i was kidding and in return you gave them respect… that shows my life have values and respect for others … and that make them feel little or nothing in front of everything/everyone


Mmhm… this happens when your buyer knows what you are doing. or in technical terms, he or she is doing the same kind of work and selling as you do and expects you to be kind of like themselves.

My advice is ; just tell them that you work in your own style before you start anything of the sorts… people might love it :slight_smile:


thank you for your advice :slight_smile:


thank you for you advice :slight_smile: you’re really nice :blush:


Thank you , You are most welcome !!:grinning: