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My first bad review. Confused and sad


When I logged in this morning I got so excited. I finished my 10th project last night and this morning it got accepted. Which means I finally get to be a level 1 seller! So I went and wrote a message to the buyer thanking him for his business, but before I could hit “send” I got a notification.

He gave me a 2.4 star review.

I’ve only had 5 star reviews on my other projects so I was in shock. Then I read the review and rage just boiled up inside me. The review said I didn’t want to do any revisions. It’s not only 1. not true: I already did 3 while the offer said he got 1. But also 2. he didn’t contact me at all about the revision he wanted… He just accepted the project and wrote te review.

I’m going to keep working to become a level 1 seller, but this really sets me back a lot…
How should I handle cases like these? Did anyone else have an experience like this one?


Hi Deb,
Sorry to hear this happened to you. I have looked at your gig page before and admired your art.

All you can do is forge ahead. :wink:


Sadly nothing. rating is one thing buyers hold over the heads of sellers.


Hello don’t worry friend… Next time you maintain 100% customer satisfaction, They might give you 5-star rating…


That really sucks. Sorry that happened.

From what I can see in the review, it looks like they changed their mind after you delivered, and wanted something different from the original order. This is acceptable ONLY if they either pay more for revisions or create a new order, since you delivered exactly what they originally requested.

It’s worth a try to contact customer support in this case to see if they will understand the situation.


As a seller, one cannot force a buyer to leave a review according to his/her wish as this is against Fiverr ToS.
However, I have seen cases where buyer left a 5 :star: review and then reached to the CS to get the order canceled. (these are rare cases but these happen too)

You can also leave a review for the buyer and you can explain everything in the review so as other buyers shouldn’t bother about that particular review.

Good Luck!!


You need to message that person back, work it out, and ask them if they would reconsider their review once you have made the changes. You are too early into Fiverr to have negative reviews.
Sometimes when you are new to something and are against thousands of people in the same category as you, you have to put in a little more effort until your reviews build up.


Unlimited reviews is important for new seller. Buyer satisfaction is top number 1 priority, income comes second!


dont panic! keep working and you gonna get best results soon


In that case, you can contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support) explain to them what happened and ask them to remove the client’s feedback:

Tips for the next time:

Be polite and patient with clients (if you are not). Do their first 2-3 revisions without complaining, telling them it’s hard or it takes much time. After the third revision, you can politelly tell them that further revisions usually cost more.


This link maybe can help you :slight_smile:

I learn so much for this article :slight_smile:


If you wish to offer unlimited reviews then it is up to you, but this is absolutely terrible advice. There are plenty of posts here why you shouldn’t offer unlimited reviews so I won’t derail this conversation.


Thank you for the input. Appreciate it :slight_smile:
I will read other post about this “unlimited revision” too then.


Oh sorry to hear that

Really so sad but don’t may work finely and got more orders.For next time be careful.



Hi Vickie,

Thank you, I’m glad you like my art (:
I am working very hard to grow this account, so it was a big slap in the face to get this kind of review…

Thanks for your response!


I must agree with you. unlimited revisions would be terrible for any project.
I always communicate very clearly how many revisions the clients get, so I’m so confused this happened…


Has CS ever removed a client’s feedback before?


Oh dear, sorry to read that. I’m fairly new, so still learning about this platform.

Congratulations on what you have achieved, don’t let it set you back.


That buyer may have another seller account and writing bad reviews to other sellers gigs to rank his/her gigs above others. I recommend you flag him or contact CS for asking them help.


Yes of course. There is a section “feedback removal” when contacting CS.