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My First Bad Review 😢😔😔

Hello Everyone, So 2days ago, I got order and The buyer didn’t read what’s included and what’s not. In my GIG (whiteboard animation) there’s Clearly mentioned I don’t do voiceovers, But after making the order he is like I need female voiceover, After talking to him so long He said okay do it without voiceover. And I did and deliver the order.

Yesterday, He said I will check and let you know the changes tomorrow(means today)

Today, I got message your buyer accepted the delivery and when I check the review its 3.7, why did he do that?? He don’t even give me a chance to make some changes. I don’t know I will get any order now on or not😔


I don’t think 3.7 star review is a negative one, I just saw buyer leaves good comment for you, so stop thinking negative and keep move on!

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You’ve got some great feedback from many buyers. I really wouldn’t worry about this one bad experience. It shouldn’t affect you at all.

Remember you can publicly respond to the feedback. Choose your words carefully and think about how a future potential buyer will interpret the feedback you leave.

PS. I notice that you’re offering unlimited revisions. If you read through the forums you will see that this clause is the basis of so many disputes.


Thanks for reply and help, and yes I offer unlimited revisions but still that buyer didn’t even ask for a single revision but he sent me message earlier that he will tell me the changes But he didn’t.

Yeah, this sucks.

Take out unlimited revisions - that attracts this kind of buyer.