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My First Buyer said SORRY!

I’m new at Fiverr. Providing services as a WordPress Developer.
I got a buyer from the buyer request. I got a good conversation with him. Everything was perfect, He described his requirements, I’m also provided samples with extra features. The budget has fixed from him. But suddenly he said that –
“Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. I have just talked with my other friend. I might find a different way to do it. So sorry to keep you waiting…” :confused:

How could be I handle this type of situations? :neutral_face:


Well to be honest there is nothing to handle. Your buyer was nice enough to to let you know the situation instead of just ghosting you.

Your answer should be simple and positive and along the lines of “no worries at all, please let me know if I can help you with anything else” or “no worries, please let me know if you’ll need any help
In the future”.


Thank you for your advice. :heart:
I’m happy to hear from experts. Thank you . @mariashtelle1 :star_struck:

Thank you dear

Thanking people for good advice is great, but don’t call people ‘dear’. Dear is used as an affectionate form of address (for example, something you would say to your partner), or before a word like “Sir” or “Madam”.

Saying things like “welcome dear” or “hello dear” to someone you don’t even know can be perceived as rude.

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