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My First Cancellation of the Year is Driving me Nuts!

With all the who ha of the new St Levels system, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to simply say: “Sorry, I can’t do his project.” - And cancel an order accordingly. Now, though, it seems like even this is an impossible feat with Fiverr.

Cutting a very long story short, a buyer placed an order with me a few months ago but did not supply any order details. After sending a reminder and getting no response I, therefore, proceeded to request cancellation. The buyer, though, declined, saying they would send the order details through a week later.

They did, I delivered, and then the buyer left a 4-star review, citing poor communication on my part for attempting to cancel.

And now Mr. Logical is back again.

Placing a new order with me, they gushed about how my last article had been republished on 100’s of websites. As such, they wanted a second one detailing their current ICO (public fundraising drive).

I delivered this. 3-days later, though, and the buyer has requested a full re-write. - And I literally just cannot make head or tails of their brief. English isn’t their first language. The buyer doesn’t have a product at all, but wants me to summarize their products new features, say how it is brilliant, and write it like they do have a product.

It’s just messy. Clearly, they have lots of buzzwords they want using but don’t realize that these buzzwords don’t apply to their product concept. (A bit like someone selling a diesel car and wanting an article about how many miles to the gallon it gets on unleaded and how electric cars are indisputably the future of the automotive industry) - Literally, the brief is that scattered and that mad.

So… Rather than even attempt this, I’ve requested cancellation. Here, have the work already produced, but honestly, you need a better writer than me to work on this. (I wanted to say, magician).

The problem? The buyer is rejecting all my cancellation requests with: "Oh, you must be so busy, here are more (unintelligible) details.

No. I just can’t do what you want. - And I don’t want to. It’s that simple. But now I’m getting worried. Am I actually obligated to deliver something?

Since Fiverr has recently taken it upon themselves to cancel a fully delivered order which the buyer (apparently) wasn’t happy with, I am extremely reluctant to even attempt a rewrite of the article in question. Plus, I know the buyer isn’t exactly going to leave a stellar review even if I do.

Fiverr is just absurd.


Wow… That’s just nuts… How nice of him to say here’s more intelligible non-sense for you to make sense of. At this point, the only other option would be to have CS cancel the order, explaining to them in detail that you delivered and the buyer is wanting more but is unable to articulate what they really want (sounds like a buyer I had in April). That you’ve requested multiple cancellations and he’s refused.

Before they cancel it though, explain to him that you’ve requested CS to cancel the order. And, that even though you enjoyed working for him (cough, cough), you do not feel that you are match and wish him luck in his endeavors. (If you’re lucky, he’ll won’t reorder. That’s the only toss up about this). Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t…

Short of that, I’m sorry you’re dealing with the headache.

Good luck.


I wouldn’t give him a full re-write either. Not in a million years, his attempt to decline cancellations is a way for him to get two articles in one order. I smell his sneaky thievery from here. I’m sorry you are going through this though.

Stay strong! :four_leaf_clover:

And I completely agree… Fiverr is absurd at the moment.