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My first cancellation request...frustrating!

I’ve been a buyer on this site since 2015, so believe. Just started selling about 2 months ago. Just a few orders away from having the required 50 sales for Level 2. Yay.

Anyways- I got a message early in the morning asking if I could record a video testimonial and deliver it in 12 hours.

'No problem," I say. “Just order the expedited delivery extra, and so will get it done ASAP!”

Buyer says he only has $5. (Red flag?) I’m feeling generous, and want to help him out. I tell him to go ahead and place the order, and I will take care of it soon.

Now, I should mention that my gig video has a video of me speaking for 60 seconds, as well as about a dozen deliveries in the portfolio.

Buyer finally places an order. At this time, I’m cooking lunch. I respond and let him know I will get tonit this afternoon. An hour later- he is messaging me asking about delivery (red flag #2)

To get him off my back, I record it (as per my gig description. Clear audio and video. Nailed the script). I send it to him aThthank him for his business.

2 hours later: he is requesting a cancellation because he doesn’t like my voice (???) I deny the request, as it’s obviously the same voice as what’s in my gig videos. I explain that everything is as what’s promised in the description, and that I even bent over backwards to accomadate his deadline.

Cancellation request #2: Now he just says “sorry. I bought another gig.” Uhm- good for you. I’m still not refunding your money, buddy.

I told him we’ll let CS deal with it.
His account is new, but I feel like he just wanted the free work. I guess I should expect either a cancellation, or my first negative review!


Accept the cancellation. I understand the emotional side of it, but you are saying I would rather have a negative review than give up $5.00.

I know earlier on it feels like you have put $60.00 of work in a $5.00 order, but it still is a $5.00 order. Hang in there. Try to be the nicest seller on Fiverr. After 4000 orders, I really haven’t seen many people scamming for free stuff. It will happen, but it is way less than 1%.

You need to offer fast deliveries to help get your gig off the ground, but whene you can switch to 3 days, your clientele will change for the better. Less than 24 hours is worse. They need it now and they are real needy. I feel like that person needs to hire me at a day rate because they are going to constantly need me all day as I complete this project in the next 12 hours.

Thanks for the insight.
I guess I’m just being stubborn, since I feel like this gentleman will be using the work, and will have basically stolen it if I cancel it. The money isn’t an issue. The cancellation affecting my completion rate isn’t even a big issue. It’s just the fact that someone is trying to take advantage of me that’s the issue.

But you’re right- in the long run I should just cancel it and move on.
Thanks :grin:

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For every $5.00 of work, 1/2 of a cent goes to refunds after my work was completed. Some of those were $250.00 orders. It is painful, but I have to look at the big picture and kind of build the cost of returns into the pricing structure. Most of the work we do on Fiverr is creative, so there is no right or wrong.

I am not always at this place, but I want to be confident enough in my work that I am not dependent on someone elses approval. I really believe that the customer should absolutely love it or they should have to pay for it. I just continue to work my samples and previews in a way that I can show the customer exactly what they are getting before they order. Sounds like that is what you did.

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I know how you feel as it happens to any seller here on fiverr i think, when you see a “red flag” then you might be right about it most of the times.
When somebody ask for the world for one gig I run like Bolt!

i understand money (just $5) completion rate is not a big deal! but as you are pretty new as a seller here. and has 32 reviews as i can see from you profile. one negative review will bring down your positive rating 98% i think! its easy to recover the completion rate as its change in every 2 months but recovering from 1 neg review takes long time and lots of positive reviews! well when some one have already300/400 reviews 1/2 neg reviews does not harm much, but at the beginning its better to avoid those kind of buyers and move on!


Thank you!
I went ahead and cancelled the order. You and @landongrace convinced me. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

When you get red flags, that knowing that this will be a problem, avoid accepting work from them.

I just had one that I had quoted a high price to since I knew he was trouble, and he got my cheapest gig anyway then canceled the order and complained I was using false advertising.
I could tell from the start he was not someone I wanted to work for.

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I guess I just haven’t developed a sense for these things.

A few weeks ago I had a buyer purchase a $5 gig and go MIA. I figured it was going to be a disaster. After repeated attempts to get more info- I delivered what I could.

He ended up purchasing a ton of gig extras, and them leaving a very nice tip. That $5 order turned into a $50 order pretty quickly! I was happy my first impression was wrong!