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My first cancellation: What would you have done in my place?


I’ve been for two months in Fiverr and yesterday I had to cancel my first order. I’d like to ask what would you have done in my place.

A client bought my gig for a Kindle book review, with the extra to purchase the book so I could write a verified review.

Soon after I received the order, I visited Amazon but the book was not available in Kindle edition. I thought it would be a temporary problem, but I decided to write to buyer to ask him if he knew what was happening.

I kept waiting, but my client never replied, and the book is still not available for purchase. After three emails to my client, the deadline was getting closer and I had to decide:

  • write an unverified review, even thought the client paid an extra
  • cancel the order

    So I chose to cancel. I think is not good for me, but I didn’t feel happy with the idea of receiving an extra and not giving the client exactly what he order.

    Any advice?

Cancelling was probably your best bet all around. Paid reviews are against 3rd party Terms of Service on most sites anyway.

Yes, you did the right thing cancelled. And it IS prohibited on Amazon, so you may want to consider coming up with other writing gigs.

Here you go, it clearly even subtly references “Fiverr” in th


Cancellation is Right Path …

Thanks for your comments! I’ll consider removing this gig

Cancel is the best. I am a publisher too and sometimes it can get tricky with the publishing, sometimes after publishing I need to make amendments and amazon takes up to 2 days to re-publish. During that time the book is not always visible to customers… or could also see that the 90days has expired and the customer didnt renew… all sorts of possibilities… best to tell your customer and cancel, he can always rebook the gig later and get back to you

Hello My Friend …
Can Some one Help me …
I Deliver the order … the Buyer want changes again and again without pay me …
and now he is doing bad comments and complaining to Fiver …
Please Help me Friend …

Cancellation is the best Decision… Good Luck

i have same problem like this, but if we met so many buyer that don’t reply on order like this,do many cancellations like this affect our sales?