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My first cancelled order. So this happened

Okay guys. I’ll try to explain it shortly… I hope I can be clear.

It was Saturday night and I was waiting for a buyer to reply to me to go ahead with an order for T-shirt designs, because I had the designs ready and only needed the order to deliver them to him. Aother buyer messaged me saying “If you are available, we could go ahead with the order”. It was someone I had talked to last week and who wanted an immediate response and delivery, but he had messaged me at around 11:30pm here in Italy, so I had apologized and told him I couldn’t help him at that time. But when he messaged me this time, I thought he was the other buyer I was waiting for! This buyer wanted help from my gig of “Personal Stylist”, but since I didn’t notice they were two different persons, I went ahead with sending him an offer from my gig from T-shirt designs with the description of “As previously agreed” and he accepted it! I immediately delivered the designs and he told me “I think you do not know what you are doing”. And I was surprised because I put a lot of effort in doing the designs, I did not understand why he was saying that, until he told me “I never asked you for T-shirt designs” and then it hit me… I checked and it was a different buyer!!

So I tried to work for his order, even though the gig was not correct, but it’s a gig for which I received 9 positive reviews and did not want it to get “ruined” because of this misunderstanding. So, although it was very late (almost midnight), I worked on it and sent him my work. He didn’t like it and opened a dispute to cancel the order. Of course I accepted it. Fortunately, it didn’t affect my reviews…

So now, here’s what I’m worried about… Will this cancellation affect my gig despite of having 9 positive reviews? How?

Thank you in advance for your help!! :slight_smile:


I can’t say I have had any experience with cancellations, luckily, but I’d imagine it would impact your positioning when people search for your gig at least for a few days/weeks and it will of course affect your order completion rate.

Dont worry, it may affect a little to your impressions, if you search your gigs, it may lost ranks into the lower page than before. But it will come back after several days, especially if you get order, it will come back faster.

But you should learn from your own experiences: mistaking in someone with others in conversation is really crucial, I think it’s not that hard to avoid this mistake. You should focus and concentrate on your conversation to convert your clients into sales. Besides, focus on the name of buyer before sending message.

Wish you luck :slight_smile:

Yes, I know, my fault! :frowning: I was outside when he messaged me and since I was waiting for the other buyer to reply, I thought it was him! I will pay more attention to their usernames and check previous conversation before replying. LESSON LEARNED!

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Drat! So sorry this happened to you - there are several people here (including me!) who have delivered an order to the wrong buyer. Mortifying.

Yes, the cancellation will affect your stats … but it’s not the end of the world. Your profile will recover … and you have some good reviews.

Take a breath, forgive yourself …and move on