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My first client and i got negative review and now what should i do

I got an order from client and i got negative review and i have not receive any buyer request since 3 months. it was my first order. i did what he told me, last moment he didn’t compromise at all…

He denied to get my review renew…
Please help me with that negative rating …
please help


No one can help you with a negative rating. The only option you have to get rid of it is to close your account and create a new one.


I’ve seen a few cases when a seller with a single review on their account that was negative contacted CS, asked permission to close current account and create a new one and was granted that permission. I’d go that route. You have nothing to lose and might get a second chance. Your gig presentation is quite nice so it’s not like you’re very obviously incompetent or something.


i want to deactivate but it says i need withdraw money when payoneer don’t allow to withdraw below 50$ .
i want to without withdrawing money

you can do it on paypal,

on paypal it is $20 I think on may when I started it was $20

Paypal doesn’t work as a payment option in some countries.

Contact customer support, OP. Ask them what to do in this case.

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You can purchase something with your earnings, if you do not want to withdraw.

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where should i purchase. can you tell me details ?

yes i contact them . just waiting for their reply

you can’t do nothing on that. Lets start from the beginning. I had the same experience like you. I closed that account and start with a new one. Now i am a level one seller. You never know what will happen. So no worries. Just start from the beginning.

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I want to close the account but without i don’t allow to deactivate . Is there a way to get out this situation? i get inspired you . thanks

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Check this out: for the details.

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