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My first client will always pay $5

I don’t care WHAT my current rate is the first client who took a chance on me has a lifetime $5 standing rate on this platform. This has built a great relationship between us and he refers people to my gig now!


Yea you are right indeed


Just wait until they require something that you can’t do for $5


I’m happy for you but in my opinion this is bad business practice.

What if you promise your client a lifetime rate of $5, and in future they ask for work that will take you a day or two or more to complete? In other words, you can’t justify that $5 charge.

Also, when a client like this recommends you to others, what if they let on that you only charge $5? Jealousy then creeps in and others will expect a low rate.

Clients are not friends, and some can turn nasty unexpectedly.

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My word is bond. It may take more time but I mean what I say :wink:

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So far it has proven to be great business! Why would he ruin his good thing? Why would a random client expect a promise that was not made to him or her? You don’t have to be a friend to understand exclusivity.


i agree with @english_voice, but i just noticed that that you have 165 orders, and 2 in queue, so that deal would have been going on for a while now

that being said, i checked all of your gig extras and put the word count up to 1001 and the price shot from £15.74 to £472.21 (a $5 is £3.94 bat the moment), so what you you charge in tha situation?

i’m glad it’s worked out for you so far. i couldn’t recommend it in general though

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I’m not criticising your stance - if it’s working for you, great!

But in business, just like in politics and in personal relationships, the world eventually moves on.

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If you think $5 is enough for you the task you have done fo your client, then ist’s okay I think. and it’s really needed to make a good relation to buyer. THanks


Hi! This deal is only for one client - my FIRST client - and he understands that it only a applies to ONE GIG which is limited to 125 words. His rate is $5 per 125 words so if he should need 1001 words his price would be about $45. He has only placed TWO ORDERS , both under 125 words - so he isn’t taking any kind of unfair advantage of my kindness. :slight_smile: I’m not sure where you are getting your numbers from but I have completed 235 orders. Love it here!

I understand the people saying this is a bad business practice, but I admire this commitment.
It’s investing into someone that believed in you and building a special partnership - I hope your special first customer recognizes their luck and reciprocates by spreading the word and bringing you more regular-price clients.

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That’s exactly what has happened so far. Thanks!