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My First Completed Fiverr gigs, Success to Disaster


I created a Fiverr Gig - I will speed up and optimise your site to give you a better score with GT Metrix

My work takes ages to complete, and I am really good at it. I want to charge more in future with add ons when I have loads of positive reviews - This is the plan.

So I get about 5 orders, do them all amazingly well, above, and beyond the 5 dollar gig. Get 100% positive feedback, and then 2 weeks goes by…

No orders?!! How on earth did that happen, a seller with no reviews selling 5 gigs, and now none with a few reviews. I feel I need a leg up to get more reviews but its hard, I really am willing to deliver amazing work too.


Sometimes that happens…When I have Level 1 status I had more orders that now…I think it will become normal later. Work with the site continuously and You will get some more orders. Good Luck…