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My FIRST Completed Gig with 5 Star Feedback - FEELING AWESOME!

Hey Fiverrs, I wanted to share my experience as a newbie having just delivered my very first gig and got amazing feedback from the buyer. Such a great start to my monday that I’m super motivated to do more art work.

I joined in February and barely got any visits, so I made a few changes. For example I modified my title and gig description, bid on projects everyday and participated in the forum.

During my first gig, I made sure to respond to my client in a timely manner and updated her each step of the way. The project ended up taking much longer than anticiapted (10+ hours eek!), however that is only because I wanted everything perfect. With more experience, I will surely be faster.

Thank you Fiverr for the opportunity.

That’s fantastic, congratulations! I like your drawings, really nice. I know how it can be, wanting everything to look as good as possible, forgetting time. I wish you the best.

Thank you for the feedback, and as you know the saying especially for artists/illustrators - we are our own worst critic and lose time doing things over and over again. But with experience I will learn to better manage my time and hopefully rock it out in the first or second draft.


Congratulations buddy! This inspired me! :slight_smile:

Still waiting for my first order! More power to you though. :slight_smile: