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My first costumer was scamming me

Hello There,
I’ve been on Fiverr for a little over a month. I didn’t receive any messages or any requests at all until last week. Someone sent me a message asking me about my portraits illustration gig. They showed a lot of interest in purchasing it and told me what they want to request. They first sent me the reference photos that they want me to use. They asked about the prices and everything and gave in which made me believe they are going to purchase. They asked me for a rough sketch. There is where I went wrong and trusted the buyer because I should have ask them to make the purchase first. I overdid the rough sketch because I assumed I’m using it for the final. I actually did two portraits in rough sketch haha. Later on, they told me they liked it and they wanted me to roughly colored them. I did only one roughly colored and then I stepped back and realized I’m not being logical and I’m bring too nice. I sent them the first one and then asked for payment for me to continue working. I didn’t receive an answer till today regarding the whole thing. This was a very tough experience for me and very sad as I was the first. I hope my next experiences are more smooth and honest.


This is not a scam. This is you deciding to do work free.

If you do work without an order this is your own choice.


I never compose a song for anyone if they didn’t pay before, that would be a very dumb move…just share good demos in your fiverr gigs and that’s it, if they don’t like them they won’t contact you.

Yep, I agree this is where you went wrong.

I do not provide samples. I offer to do a short $5 gig as a sample.


When someone tells you they will pay for something in real life they do. Other platforms I used usually require the work to be done and the payment to be second. A scam is defined as a dishonest scheme. I did go wrong when I trusted the client and It wont happen again. At the end, this is a scam.

That’s a very good idea! I will be using it for sure!

Well that’s why fiverr wrote and explained all rules in their TOS, and you did sign and agreed that you read them when you were resetting on the website

But I hope after this lesson it will never happen again.


I did agree that Fiverr won’t be held responsible for such thing and I completely understand that. I’m just expressing the disappointment from the client and from myself especially that it’s my first ‘client’.

Now you know that you have to get an order first. Whether you want to call it a scam or not, this is the only way you can do this job.
They have to order first.

This is true in every business I’ve ever seen. I don’t order things from Amazon, receive them, and then pay for them. I pay first.

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While I agree with everything you have said (valid points!), this :arrow_down: , however, is not always true. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In some countries, Amazon offers buyers the option to pay for the order AFTER receiving the delivery (or in cash at the time of delivery). :slight_smile:

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With commissions, there’s no general way. I used to have an art stand and I would draw the person first and then pay. Another freelance website that I used before Fiverr had me drawing and making sure the client is sure that they agree and happy with what I made then paid. Yes, I know now this isn’t how it works here and will be sure to not to make such mistake repeat.