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My first customer!

Hi all! :smiley:
I come to share my happiness, I already have 3 sales, all finished successfully.
I must say, I had my doubts at first when I registered with Fiverr, but finally my work has managed to get out of the common order of friends and frequent clients of my country.

I hope more orders continue to arrive.

To all those who are starting like me at Fiverr, I wish all the success in the world ā€¦ And be patient :fist:, the best things usually come with some delay. :v:


Do you marketing your fiverr gig?

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Not really. :man_shrugging: Only on my almost dead instagram.


*cngratulations Iā€™m hoping to get my first sale pretty soon as well. I am using Facebook as my marketing source.

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great congratulations hoping to get my first client