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My first day as a want to be a buyer

Discovered fiverr by accident because I was looking for a color cartoon-ish of a happy russet potato with glasses and a camera around his neck and could not find something close in the standard clipart archives

Browsed through the artists in the cartoon section and sent gigs to three of them.

Found the Wants to Buy section and listed a gig. I think the max characters should be increased to at least a 1000 so buyers can include important details. It was pending all day, so I wrote an email to support asking them to speed things up. Went back to check on the gig and the gig was no longer posted.

If I don’t this resolved I will probably end up getting a Mr. Potato head and photograph it and run it through some iphone app to make it look cartoonish, but I really prefer to work with a talented illustrator

Running a mr potato head through an app would be copyright infringement, I am pretty sure…