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My First eBook on Fiverr! :-)


I have just created my first eBook on fiverr, in this eBook you can learn how to create your own personal profile web page in HTML. The eBook is pretty basic at the moment, but I guarantee that you only have to purchase the book once and will get any future updates for free :smiley:

I would like to hear good points and constructive criticisms from your first impressions of the eBook.

Here is the link to the gig:

Kind Regards,



I have also created this book to try and achieve my first milestone of becoming a level one seller on fiverr.


Thanks!!!..gonna try this after some money in my seller account…


@kittujai Don’t you already do websites?


Good luck with your e-book.

It might be a good idea to include the page count in your description and maybe a little more info about the content, too.


Good luck on your goal. It’s easier than it looks like, especially if you love what your are offering as gigs :slight_smile:


Thanks, will do this. No Sales as of yet though, so will have to put some more work in.