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My first ever client in Fiverr returned and said "Hello"!

I was super surprised and it totally made my day.

My first ever client that gave me hope about Fiverr and eventually got me going to offer more services, get things seriously and develop my profile and portfolio. He changed things for me in this platform.

So I can’t but give him a ton of kudos and special greetings.

He ordered today with me, and I was so happy I could help him once again, this time even more.

I might not like everything about Fiverr, and in the beginning to be quite honest I hated it. I was not used to it.

But it’s totally worth it to cover people’s expectations and make people’s lives easier. Of course … Point d’argent, point de Suisse. On n’a rien sans argent.

But this allows us to grow even more and be more responsible. Sometimes it’s all about swallowing own’s ego for the greater good.


Sounds great! :tada: What kind of services do you offer on Fiverr?

Translate please. :smile:


On, you came back to forum again!

I wish you luck once again!


“No money, no Switzerland. We have nothing without money.”

Says google.


I started with consultancy, dropped it, then offered my REAL specialty – article writing and web design, but I think just brought back consultancy once again, lol. I think I’m gonna head on this way too.

Point d’argent, point de Suisse.
Geen geld, geen Zwitsers.
Kein Geld, kein Schweizer.

It’s all the same phrase, a legend really, getting told from a lot of countries.
It literally translates into “No money, no Swiss.”

My services were always expensive and my vision is highly influenced by the Swiss. It’s what pushes me forward. My logo, my colors, everything, the name – circulates around that ideology.

For the history fans:

The Swiss troops of this period were remarkable both because of the terror they inspired in their opponents, and for their own extraordinary qualities. No Swiss force of this period ever seems to have been broken, routed, or to have run or surrendered. Superiority of training: The Swiss relied on a simple traditional system of tactics, practiced until it became second nature to every man, and applied it unhesitatingly under the direction of a sort of committee-leadership of dour and experienced old soldiers—rather like a Roman legion and its centurions. During the Renaissance, everybody who could afford to wanted to hire Swiss halberd and pike wielding mercenaries. With this ruthlessness went a strongly commercial attitude to war—Point d’argent, point de Suisse (“No money, no Swiss”) went the saying; if not paid they simply marched off, no matter how that left their employer. If regularly paid they were normally loyal, but if someone didn’t pay them, or paid them less… Goodbye.


Thanks! :call_me_hand: :sunglasses:

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Great story, and congratulations! :grinning:

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Oh, ok! :ok_hand:t4:

Well, testing the waters is smart :ocean: seeing what works and don’t.

Work smarter not harder! :grin:

Regulars are a blessing. Sometimes, when things dry up like a desert. A regular client will show up and leave a generous tip. :money_mouth_face:


I’m not used to tipping, but I enjoy it. I kind of feel uncomfortable though. Not sure if I’m gonna stop feeling so uncomfortable.