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My first experience - A buyers perspective

Hi all,

This is the first time I have used Fiverr and as a buyer, I wanted to share my experience to help sellers reach their target market. In the first hour, I have received probably about 100 offers.

I immediately discarded offers that wanted to charge 5 times or more my asking price. I am looking for a logo and asked what appeared to be a fairly normal price of $20. If you want to charge $100-$250 for your services, that’s great, but it isn’t in my budget and from a buyer’s perspective gets an automatic delete.

I received about 15-20 offers appearing to all be from the same person as they all started out “Hi … Dear respected client!”. Multiple accounts all offering exactly the same thing, worded exactly the same are an automatic turn off. Insta-delete! The other one was several accounts stating “Life is too short for …” Again, insta delete.

Responses with grotesque spelling errors, punctuation issues and horrific grammar are also a major turn off. If I can’t understand your response, I already know that I will have a hard time working with you on my project and trying to explain an abstract concept will be nearly impossible. Insta delete.

What will get my attention as a buyer? In your response, restate the project parameters so I know that you actually read my project description. “Hi, I saw that you’re looking for someone to design you logo involving trees/cars/etc. I have experience drawing realistic/cartoon/outline/etc. trees/cars/etc.” As a buyer, this tells me that you truly understand what I am looking for and not that you’re are just “shotgun” responding.

Don’t worry about being FIRST to respond with a template response. Instead, take the time to write a personal response. Pick and choose the projects that you think are a good fit with your skills set and pursue those personally rather than trying to shotgun respond to EVERY request that’s made.

I hope this helps sellers acquire work as following these simple suggestions would make the process a lot easier for us buyers.


Or all of these sellers watched a YouTube guru video advising them to reply to Buyer Requests in this way.


$20 ($16 for the freelancer) for a logo is like asking to buy a Porsche 911 GTS Turbo with a pinto bean.

I get that it is your budget and you will find someone who works in that arena but there is a HUGE reason for the price difference. A professional logo is waaaaay more work for both buyer & seller than 30 secs finding a bit of random cliche clip art.

Brands like Coke, Bayer & Nike are happy to spend $millions & months on branding because they know how incredibly important it is to sending the right message to their market.



That is not fairly normal price :wink: I know fiverr makes you believe that it is will all those cheap priced gigs but it’s not.
And that’s one of the reasons why buyer requests are filled with incompetent people sending “hello dear respected client I can do your job perfectly” offers.
You might need to spend more time and not only in buyer requests to find a good designer within your budget. There are talented people who still offer a low price but it is hit and miss and it’s hard to find them. Most likely you will spend more of your time and trial errors.

In general: it is a very useful post especially for all those sellers on the forum asking “I sent 300 offers and didn’t get any orders”.
It’s always great to hear feedback from the client itself.


For something very basic,with not graphics at all or just some basic font it might be a 'normal ’ price…


$20 for a rough pencil-sketch concept stage, maybe? Depends on if I’d have to do my own research into the company or if all the information were provided up-front.

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Cheap does not build quality businesses. I’ve sold my logo design services, starting at $300, and that’s the very, very low end of professional. I know. I have a degree in art and design, and I originally earned my degree to be able to work for a design firm. $20 is NOT a “fairly normal price” – I guarantee it, and it baffles me why anyone would stoop so low, to give away so much work, quality, reputation, resources, and skill for so little compensation.

If you can do something well, then you should not be giving it away for just a few dollars. Sellers should charge what they’re worth. High-quality professionals are not created at the bottom of a barrel.


As stated, this is my first time using the service and I am not familiar with, nor do I claim to be an expert in design services. :slight_smile: Regarding price, if you send a quote that is 500 - 1000% higher than the offer than I would, as a uneducated buyer, anticipate at the bare minimum a brief blurb about why your services are better than your competitions. As a small business owner, I am conscious of EVERY dollar that leaves my coffers. While I don’t mind spending money on a quality product. I do have a hard time justifying spending my limited advertising budget on a stock/template email that is accompanied by a price tag much higher than all the other stock/template emails I receive.

Please bear in mind, this is/was my first impression of the service and my critique is/was intended to help you as sellers to sell your service. You are all business owners as I am and as a small business owner, when a customer provides feed back, I listen to what they are saying. I may not always agree with the feed back, but I listen and incorporate it into my knowledge base of my intended customers. My intent is to help you, not to criticize, so take take it for what is worth. :slight_smile:I wish all of you the best!


Then one, perhaps you should raise your “limited advertising budget” to something more realistic. And two, why not ask the carefully researched sellers whom you choose to work with a few questions – before placing an order – to better understand how they can help you, and the kind of work they deliver. It is 100% on you to vet the sellers you choose to work with, and make sure they match your needs, and what you want to get out of the order.

You said that you are a business owner… don’t serious business owners carefully choose their partners? If you are carefully choosing your business partners, in order to ensure that your “limited budget” is well-spent, then you’re not going to have rampant “template problems”.