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My first experience of fiverr - terrible


paid for a gig for a logo to be created by brand_creator. It was supposed to be created within 1 day. It’s 10 hours late and not a single response to my questions. However I can see by profile that they recently rolled a design out.

That experience has made me dubious about this site now.

Is it a scam?

Did they have a lot of orders in queue? If so, cut them some slack; they’re only human :slight_smile:

I suggest simply canceling and moving on if you dislike something, but give it a chance first. There are definitely scammers, but they are only a minority! :slight_smile:

If you unsatisfied with the service, if the seller doesn’t contact you, took too long to deliver the order - cancel the order, leave a bad review. If you cancel you get your money back and seller gets bad reputation. Buyers are pretty well protected on fiverr, so don’t worry.

Um, yeah cut the seller some slack. 183 orders in the queue! If you paid for one day delivery I understand, but the seller technically has another 24 hours before you can cancel the order.

If you cancel, it will just put a “seller failed to deliver on time” review, which is nothing against the quality of their work, but their time-keeping.

Or you can wait for the logo. They might not get back to you if they’re busy on your order.

Also, it’s against forum rules to mention sellers like that, so you might want to remove it before you get a sherrif’s note.

Hi, I can understand your concern.

You will want to most importantly check the “Orders in Queue” and Seller’s responsiveness to messages before making any order.

A few orders in the queue is reasonable for instant responsiveness and turnaround, however ‘hundreds of orders in queue’ is a different story.

Sellers with few orders in ‘the queue’ will always be able to meet all your timely needs!