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My first experience of Fiverr


I am new to fiverr. But i had a great experience of fiverr for last two days.

It is a great marketplace to work on. It really helps the sellers to bid on the buyer requests. It is unique from other marketplaces. I really liked it and appreciate it.

Thank you Fiverr for creating opportunities to the sellers and buyers both.


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve a small question, how did you bid on the buyer’s request? How can I see the list of all buyer’s requests? Can you please let me know.


It depends on you and your activity on Fiverr.


!! Welcome !! to Fiverr.


Got it, I had to go to Sellings > Buyer’s request. Thanks anyways.


welcome to the family - i have been on less than 2 months and most of my work has come from BR - i think its great. hopefully at lvl1 we can get more opportunities to bid as sometimes only the crumbs fall to the bottom lol :slight_smile:


You are highly favoured… Lucky…


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay here


Hi there @sah_anik, welcome to the Fiverr forum! What sort of work do you do!

I wish you the best in your freelancing endeavors!


welcome to Fiverr and I wish you success