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My First Few Sales & EXPRESS!

I’m a new Fiverr seller (but I have been buying for awhile now!) and I just achieved some sort of success after trying for almost a week. I got 2 sales on my gigs and now my gigs are officially express gigs. I’m so happy. Does Express give me more traffic and advertisement in the search engine?

this is getting to a point when i have lost faith on “my gigs” posts.

everytime i think there is something new and awesome is just bots/scripts about follows and likes.

Be original.

<3 Biancha

@ellusionistz “Express Gigs” is another subcategory Fiverr uses to categorize gigs. If you look on the first page of the Online Marketing category, for example, you can browse gigs by “Recommended”, “High Rating”, “Express Gigs”, and a couple others. Also if you do a search, you can have your results listed by those subcategories. If you’re part of a very large area of Fiverr gigs (which you are), you may find your gigs listed under the “express gigs” list, or the “new” list, or maybe in search engine results, but there is no guarantee of showing up anywhere. Fiverr rotates gigs to give everyone in those especially crowded categories a chance.

Since buying traffic/hits/followers is against the terms of use of pretty much all the social media sites, your gig may cause a buyer to lose their account. If that happens, and they complain to Fiverr, you might find your gigs deleted without any warning. Selling traffic is not specifically against Fiverr’s rules, and new gigs are not personally screened, but don’t think that just because you’ve passed the initial screening process that you’re safe with those traffic gigs of yours. If an editor happens to review your gigs, even without a complaint, they might be deleted. This is just a fair warning; I’ve heard of it happening all the time. You might want to assess your skills and offer legitimate gigs which won’t jeopardize your customers’ accounts.