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My first Fiverr cancellation order(Maybe)

Hopefully everybody doing well.

today i will share with you about my first order cancellation story.

i am a level 2 seller with 93 order completed and 67 5 star review have in my profile. last week i accept an order related 2d architecture site plan. before order accept this buyer behave like good person. i also try to help him by draw up some small part of work for better understanding. after that i create order for him and he accepted. during work time i create site plan which are best out put from his documentation. but he is not satisfied and told me just do as his requirements document he provided. so i did as he told me. when i delivery his order. he put in revision and told me there are little bit revision needed. i started working and he asked me how to get bigger size of this building in site plan. he keep asking for suggestion. so i told him that you should build your park space in underground of building and then you can make bigger size of your building.during this time he not reply back to me then i delivered his revision work. after 24 hours he came back and told me that this delivered not acceptable, he need new plan with underground car parking. :grimacing: :grimacing:

i told him that he requesting me additional work so you need to accept new order. also,i try to explain whole things how to work. because by his new requirements i need to do whole design again.
so, he not reply back to me anything just come online and put order in revision. this order alsready showing ''LATE".
now, i already send support ticket to fiverr support. let’s see how can they help me.

thank you


If you made the original delivery on time you can ignore the LATE notice at the top of the gig.

I hope they can help you.


thank you for your reply.

yes i already did original delivery during on delivery time. and customer support suggest me make a good conversion with buyer and explain to him nicely.

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I’m so sorry, I hate it when they do that. The person is clearly trying to get free work out of you and CS is all like: “Well, if you ask nicely maybe they’ll change their mind about trying to scam you”.


thank you for your reply.
i already explain all things to buyer. but his reply are same.